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Elongation – Vogel

FRANCOIS VOGEL Élongations Allungamenti 2015 Directed by François Vogel Production DoMove Thanks to Eletech for monitors The videos were shot in Paris on 16th December 2014 in ULTRA HD 4k at 100 images a second. For the treatment of the images, Mikros Image developed a program called «quick slit» that can transform a video sequence … Continued

Lighting the Sails – Rossa

VIDEO MAPPING DANIEL ROSSA Lighting the Sails 2012 Artistic direction Daniel Rossa, Max Goergen, Thorsten Bauer, Till Botterweck 3D designer Peter Pflug Sound designer Jonas Wiese Production manager Manuel Engels Performer Mimi Jeong, Heiko Büter Production Urbanscreen The audiovisual staging of the Sydney Opera House is a poetic homage to the architecture and its constructional … Continued

Marchant Grenu – Vogel

  POST PRODUCTION AND VISUAL EFFECTS FRANCOIS VOGEL Merchant Grenu 2013 Directed by Francois Vogel Music Arthur S. Production Drosofilms The movie was shot on Montmatre stairs in Paris. Vogel plays Henri Michaux poetry Merchant grenu. François Vogel Bio

Range – Pakusevskij

        MOTION GRAPHICS CED PAKUSEVSKIJ Range 2015 Artistic direction Ced Pakusevskij | FullScream Thanks to MacPro events for projector   “Range” is an experiment in generating visual disturbance, created by mathematical algorithms which, renderized, design an organic “living picture”, the surface of which evolves in continuation. It is the first of the … Continued

Right Brain – Manabe

  INTERACTIVE DESIGN DAITO MANABE Right Brain Elevenplay x rhizomatiks 2015 Artistic direction / Technical direction Daito Manabe | Rhizomatiks Visual programming / Motion graphic design Satoru Higa Computer vision programming Yuya Hanai | Rhizomatiks Artistic direction / Choreography Mikiko | Elevenplay Camera Muryo Homma | Rhizomatiks Music Ametsub Production Video Sound Art   Elevenplay … Continued

Light Echoes – Koblin

  DATA VISUALIZATION AARON KOBLIN Light Echoes 2013 Created by Aaron Koblin and Ben Tricklebank Music Shigeto – Detroit part 1 from the album “No better time than now” Photography Ben Tricklebank Technical director Gustavo Huber Production Tool of North America Traces of light are broadcast onto landscapes by a laser aboard a moving train. … Continued

Roar – Jaguar XE

JAGUAR XE Roar 2015 An experiment by VSA Sponsor Jaguar Lario Mi Auto The XE saloon is the first of a new generation of cars. The aluminium architecture has allowed obtaining an incredibly strong structure, but also distributing power while guaranteeing a high degree of manageability, all served with refinement and design. XE is brought … Continued

I meet you I remember you

    I meet you, I remember you 2015 Sources Archivio Prelinger Technological development Monica Bordegoni, Mario Covarrubias, Giandomenico Caruso, Giorgia Petri Materials selection Barbara del Curto Scent production Stefano Bader Artistic direction Laura Lamonea Realized by Laura Lamonea, Giorgia Petri Scent direction OIKOS fragrances Exhibition design Carmen A Video Sound Art production in collaboration … Continued