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In the early 1940s, with the advent of the audiocassette, French musicologist and composer Pierre Schaeffer began cutting and reassembling short sections of recorded tape to compose new music. This is the first example of sampling, in which pre-existing musical materials, voices and environmental recordings are contextualised in a new work. In a different context … Continued


With the contribution ofRegione LombardiaComune di MilanoConsulate General of Germany PartnersLiceo Scientifico Statale A. VoltaRestoration Laboratory of Palazzo Abatellis With the patronage ofItalian Hellenic Foundation of Culture


VIDEO SOUND ARTIX EDIZIONEIL RESTO (THE REST) Artistic direction and curation Laura Lamonea Public program curationDavide Francalanci Curatorial teamThomas Ba Curatorial assistanceFederica Torgano ProductionLino Palena EducationDaniela Amandolese Education assistanceLeonardo Strano Technical directionCesare Rossi TechnicianDario Leone Editorial consultantMartina Motta AdministrationGiovanni Licari Audience developmentFrancesca Mainardi