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“Multimediality is a constitutive trait of humanity. Whether it is analog or digital, it can be understood as an opportunity to grasp the deep connections with the elements that surrounds us. All the senses are engaged and stimulated in this not exclusively cognitive activity. With the taste for a research that finds its favorite mode of expression in the story, we wanted to put into dialogue the elements which inspired the 10th edition of the Video Sound Art festival. With this idea in mind, a series of short audios were conceived to accompany the participants in the spaces of the festival, through a play of references and connections aimed at stimulating curiosity towards the exploration of the world. A world capable of containing different worlds.”
Tommaso Santagostino

1. Guido Romano and the 1912 Olympics

Moving around the city can be conceived as a play of cross-references between the places and stories that one encounters. Very often these references speak of people and worlds that have little to do with the present because they are distant or unrecognizable, yet at the same time irremediably anchored to it.

2. Buscando la tierra

Different worlds to inhabit, different ways of conceiving existence. In the middle of the desert, a land of discovery and conquest

3. Stories from the Plain

The landscape in which people move could be a stage that changes thanks to the stories, deeds and representations of its actors-spectators.

4. Applause

In Bradford, UK, a museum dedicated to mass media houses a wooden box that symbolizes the indissoluble relationship between television and its audience.

5. Wonder Experience

How do we experience magic in our lives? And to whom do we delegate the domain of wonder and awe?

6. Subjunctive

To reflect on what they are, social groups dedicate space and time to what they could be and to the possibility of a different world.

Tommaso Santagostino (1983). Geographer and anthropologist by training. He tries to overcome laziness by exploring different disciplinary territories and contexts in which the pleasure of doing research is not exclusive to the mind of the individual but a happily shared practice. As a member of the imaginariesplorazioni collective, he realized the documentary Potlach Milano (2018, Lab80), which was the result of a research action on interculturality in the contemporary city. Since 2019, as RegnodiMatto has been experimenting with forms of audio-story, micro-explorations of everyday life and transdisciplinary encounters.

X edition
The Reflecting Pool
16 September – 1 October Romano swimming pool
16 October – 16 November Cozzi swimming pool

With the support of:
Fondazione Cariplo
Regione Lombardia
Directorate of Cultural Affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile (DIRAC)

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With the patronage of:
Comune di Milano

Touring Club Italiano
Galleria Francesca Minini
Associazione Le Belle Arti
Studio Mosae

In collaboration with:
Le Cannibale
Sentieri selvaggi
Cinema Beltrade
Lake Como Film Festival
Filmmaker Festival
Il Cinemino
Rosso film

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