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Open call

Since 2011 Video Sound Art has supported the production of new artworks by promoting research paths in historical archives or artistic residences. Over the years, the new works – with the support of expert craftsmen and scholars – have been presented to the public in exhibition contexts far from ordinary distribution circuits, with the aim of testing the ability of art to adapt to different social contexts: public schools, underground spaces such as the former hotel Diurno Venezia, theater rooms … Ten years of attempts in which the winners were involved in the creation of social-sharing models, rethinking public spaces, connecting with random visitors or in the presence of the most important actors of the sector – artists, gallery owners, collectors, representatives of public and private institutions.

In contrast to the alleged autonomy of formal art, these practices necessitate the opening of a dialogue between distant disciplines and contexts, subject to a mutual interpretative ambiguity. Sewing up the relational fabric that is missing in reality is among the objectives of these operations.

Artistic Direction
Laura Lamonea

Curatorial team
Laura Lamonea
Thomas Ba

Davide Francalanci

Lino Palena

Technical Direction
Cesare Rossi

Daniela Amandolese

Giovanni Licari

Press Office
Francesca Mainardi