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DIEGO CIBELLI, the winner of the open call 2018 (1987, Naples) The winner of the open call 2018 is Diego Cibelli: the artist presents Serenissima a plastic installation in clay inspired by domestic space of the seventeen hundreds and by the Bourbon technique of braiding. The residency has given the artist the opportunity of encountering the ancient artisan … Continued


Caterina Morigi (1991, Ravenna) The artist Caterina Morigi translates the residency at Capodimonte in a small size photographic intervention, in which she reveals the transparent traces of the history of the area, the dense atmosphere of the forest of Capodimonte. The small format echoes an intimate dimension which will show to the observer the effects … Continued


Oli Bonzanigo (1989, Milan) I was a nervous heat Oli Bonzanigo, with the sculptural project in porcelain I was a nervous heat, will be put in dialogue with the video works. The artwork is a spinal column divided in sections, a study of the relationships of mimesis between architectural shapes and human anatomy. The artist … Continued