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Elongation – Vogel

Schermata 2015-06-11 alle 20.46.46


Directed by François Vogel
Production DoMove

Thanks to Eletech for monitors

The videos were shot in Paris on 16th December 2014 in ULTRA HD 4k at 100 images a second. For the treatment of the images, Mikros Image developed a program called «quick slit» that can transform a video sequence into a 3D block, the third dimension of which is time. The sequence of photograms can be slit by a plane which generates the resulting image. Thanks to this program, the dimension of space can literally be mixed with that of time. On the screens, we see the frame of a street in Paris with pedestrians and cars crossing it. The scene was shot at different times of the day. Gradually, using the «quick slit» program, the fixed elements in the image begin to be lengthened. On the contrary, the moving elements stay the same. Gradually we are in an abstract landscape made up of horizontal lines in which the same passers-by continue to be transformed. The passers-by are lengthened from one screen to another and the perception is of a long abstract landscape. One figure moves in front of the camera with a Fresnel lens in front of his face. He advances and retreats. We find him on all the screens.