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Video Sound Art is a production centre and festival of contemporary art based in Milan since 2011, dedicated to the promotion of young talents and to the promotion of art. It has today ten editions and numerous exhibitions and residencies in national and international museums. Every year, through an open call, it produces new works that are exhibited during the Festival alongside the productions and retrospectives of internationally renowned artists. The projects are selected by a jury made up of representatives from the art world, including museum directors, art critics, curators, foundation directors, collectors and gallery owners. The financial participation of public and private institutions has made it possible to enrich the project by offering the new generations coaching to support the definition of artistic ideas.

Over the years, the Association has produced around 80 complex installations, artistic expressions that mix sculpture, video, new technologies and the processing of materials. Over the years, the works have been presented to the public in exhibition contexts far from the ordinary distribution circuits, with the intention of testing the adaptability of art: group exhibitions at public schools (Biennale Manifesta, PA, Liceo Volta, MI), underground (Ex Albergo Diurno Venezia, MI – Ali Kazma), theatres (Teatro Franco Parenti | Bagni Misteriosi, MI – Yuri Ancarani), sports facilities (Piscina Romano, MI – Enrique Ramirez and Piscina Cozzi, MI) and scientific sites (Civic Museum of Natural History, MI – Haig Aivazian and Planetarium Ulrico Hoepli, MI).

As part of the education department, it has built over the years a network of collaboration with high school institutes, universities and national and international academies. For years, VSA has been committed to promoting participatory creations based on the development of interdepartmental
co-design experiments in which the audience – in particular the students of upper secondary schools – plays an active role, with the traditional divides dissolving in order to allow for new kinds of fusion.

Artistic Direction
Laura Lamonea

Editorial projects
Davide Francalanci

Francesca Mainardi

Daniela Amandolese

Lino Palena

Technical Direction
Cesare Rossi
Dario Leone

Giovanni Licari