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Video Sound Art is a festival and production centre of contemporary art.
Since 2010, the centre has curated exhibition projects, produced new works and launched an annual open call to support artists.

Every year, Video Sound Art presents a contemporary art festival in venues inhabited by the community, with the aim of testing the adaptability of art within society: public schools, basements, theatre halls, sports facilities and scientific venues. The projects are designed to create a connection between the works and the identified venues and involve constant dialogue between the festival staff, artists, curators and the host venues.
During the year it plans and curates exhibitions at foundations, museums and biennials – Palazzo Grassi – Punta della Dogana, Manifesta biennial, In Between Art Film etc.
The education department is committed to the promotion of participatory creations in which the public plays an active role and traditional divisions – between the educational and curatorial functions – give way to contamination.
The numerous active collaborations with secondary schools, universities and academies arise with the intention of involving and bringing young audiences closer to contemporary language.

Daniel de Paula, circulação, 2019, video-negotiation. Installation view, Video Sound Art XII edition, Teatro Carcano, Milano, 2022. Ph. Francesca Ferrari

Annamaria Ajmone, Untitled. Performance, Gestus II act: The Assembly of Actions, Teatrino of Palazzo Grassi, 2021. Ph. Matteo De Fina © Palazzo Grassi

Enrique Ramirez, Un hombre que camina, 2011-2014. Installation view, Video Sound Art X edition, Romano swimming pool, 2020. Ph. Francesca Ferrari

Driant Zeneli, Those who tried to put the rainbow back in the sky, 2012 | Video HD, 7’50” (2012), Video Sound Art IX edition, Liceo Volta, Milano, 2019. Ph. Tea Mikic

Ali Kazma, Bodybuilding Serie Resistance (2013), Video Sound Art VIII edition, Albergo Diurno Venezia, Milano, 2018. Ph. Neroshootings 

Artistic Direction
Laura Lamonea

Editorial projects
Davide Francalanci

Francesca Mainardi, Sofia Gemelli

Daniela Amandolese, Thomas Ba

Lino Palena

Technical Direction
Cesare Rossi
Dario Leone

Giovanni Licari