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SHARE THE RESPONSIBILITY  2014 2015 Il progetto,  ideato  in collaborazione con Eclettica e Media,  è stato realizzato con l’intento di creare uno spazio di condivisione attraverso il linguaggio artistico all’interno del quale i fruitori fossero invitati  ad una  riflessione sulla responsabilità sociale. Le opere interattive sono state allestite  presso la sede della società Helvetia di Milano.

Open call 2017

LA GRANDE OCCASIONE is the title of this special edition curated by Laura Lamonea, an explicit quotation from the 1973 film of the same name made by the Italian artist Ugo La Pietra as a critique of the relationship between artist and institutions: today, as in the 1970s, for an artist to maintain his or … Continued


Yuri Ancarani Ricordi per moderni 13 videos, 55 min 30-31 May 2017 Bagni Misteriosi Yuri Ancarani’s investigation shifts the focus towards a larger picture, depicting in approximately 60 minutes a very original portrait of Ravenna and Romagna. Documenting the changes and events which have seen them protagonist in the last decades such as immigration, the … Continued

2017 Edition

LA GRANDE OCCASIONE The special edition of the Video Sound Art festival took place in three prestigious locations in Milan: the Battaglia Fine Art Foundry, a Milanese institution which had developed collaborations with major Italian and foreigner artists since more than a hundred years, establishing itself as a cultural pole of research for young practitioners, Bagni Misteriosi, … Continued


Yuri Ancarani Yuri Ancarani was born in Ravenna in 1973. He is a video artist and filmmaker. His works are the product of a ceaseless fusion of cinema, documentary and contemporary art. They are the result of an investigation aimed at exploring the subtle reasons of the quotidian, a region of reality in which the … Continued