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Michael Paul Young

Michael Paul Young was grown in Tennessee, spread in Baltimore and settled in Asia. His project Designgraphik helped to shape online design throughout the late 90s and early 00s, and earned him a Chrysler Design Award nomination at age 23. He co-founded the design resource YouWorkForThem in 2001, and since 2009 has served as its … Continued

François Vogel

François Vogel is a Parisian director has been creating arresting visuals for the better part of a decade. François Vogel’s crazy audiovisual inventions come from the experiments he has conducted with cameras and from his work in digital arts. He manipulates images and concepts, by twisting them like clay (“Cuisine”, “Tournis”, “Trois petits chats”), or … Continued

Motomichi Nakamura

Motomichi is an artist from Brooklyn, NY, whose Japanese still echo through in his character designs. He makes animations and performs as a VJ. Motomichi creates a variety of characters and animations, which have been shown around the world in exhibitions. These include Sundance Digital Film Festival, Pictoplasma, the Res Festival and Neuberger Museum of … Continued