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Lighting the Sails – Rossa

Schermata 2015-06-10 alle 16.40.27


Lighting the Sails

Artistic direction Daniel Rossa, Max Goergen, Thorsten Bauer, Till Botterweck
3D designer Peter Pflug
Sound designer Jonas Wiese
Production manager Manuel Engels
Performer Mimi Jeong, Heiko Büter
Production Urbanscreen

The audiovisual staging of the Sydney Opera House is a poetic homage to the architecture and its constructional concept of the architect, Jørn Utzon. The procedure of custom-made, site-specific projections enables us to interlink various disciplines like computer-generated imagery, artificial illumination and dance performance in order to characterize the architecture and its versatile levels of experienceable impact by means of the building itself.
We have been building an exact replica of the Opera House within a virtual 3D-environment in order to imitate realistic conditions of natural lighting, while not being limited by its physical restrictions.