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Right Brain – Manabe




Right Brain
Elevenplay x rhizomatiks

Artistic direction / Technical direction Daito Manabe | Rhizomatiks
Visual programming / Motion graphic design Satoru Higa
Computer vision programming Yuya Hanai | Rhizomatiks
Artistic direction / Choreography Mikiko | Elevenplay
Camera Muryo Homma | Rhizomatiks
Music Ametsub
Production Video Sound Art


Elevenplay is a Japanese dance company known for using new technologies in the development of its performances.
“Right brain” is the result of its collaboration with Daito Manabe. The dancers are positioned in a virtual world inside
of which they create designs of light. The visuals are produced by the movement of the body and the manipulation
of luminous objects. Manabe has used a system of cameras and sensors to project the animations on to different
planes and grids in space.