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Yuri Ancarani
Ricordi per moderni
13 videos, 55 min

30-31 May 2017
Bagni Misteriosi

Curatorial text: Ricordi per Moderni

Yuri Ancarani’s investigation shifts the focus towards a larger picture, depicting in approximately 60 minutes a very original portrait of Ravenna and Romagna. Documenting the changes and events which have seen them protagonist in the last decades such as immigration, the petrochemical industry and ancestral landscapes, Ancarani showcases parts of his motherland that we know very well, but we are not used to see.

Ugo La Pietra
Abitare a Milano: analisi e decodifica dello spazio urbano
Interactive installation curated by Lucio La Pietra

25-28 May 2017
Fonderia Artistica Battaglia

Curatorial text: Abitare

Ugo La Pietra continues to investigate his research path on the city with an interactive installation: Abitare a Milano: Analisi e decodifica dello spazio urbano (Inhabit Milan- Analysis and decoding of the urban space), curated by Lucio La Pietra. As soon as the spectator gets close to the work, four different Milan appear: the decorating Milan, the Milan of the greenery, the Milan of sex, the Milano Monumentale.

Bibi Yamamoto

Women Geographies
Bronze sculptures, complex installation curated by Laura Lamonea

25-28 May 2017
Fonderia Artistica Battaglia

Curatorial text: Women Geographies

“Bibi is a post production artist in the uttermost significance of these words; she steals objects, manipulates sources, she arranges in the exhibition space pieces purchased on ebay. The new complex installation Women Geographies, between assemblages and looting, turns a flux of memories into sensitive matter.” Laura Lamonea

Showcased in the context of a monographic exhibition, enriched by graphic design and prints made by mixing different techniques, the audio-sound installations present her “domestic dwelling “.

Hoël Duret

NFT pH<7
Complex installation curated by Laura Lamonea

4-14 October 2017
Institut français Milano

The project NFT ph<7 thanks to the deployment of different elements —video, paintings and the construction of a greenhouse composed of approximately 200 plants with an irrigation system recalls the pictorial tradition of landscape in the context of nature now domestic, connected and electrified. The artwork invites the public to witness the spectacle of this particular kind of nature: a manipulated organism in which plants grow distant from terrain and the cultivation develops without soil or sunlight. NFT ph<7, a lively and mechanic organism, is a neutral terrain: neither too basic, nor too acidic its pH speaks with the irony of the theoretical equilibrium of a pure artificial construction.

While walking through the installation, a new video shows the awakening of a nymph, who traverse the same scenographic greenery in the crowd of an electrified electronic music festival. Could it be the acid-induced dream of a technician doing maintenance works in the hydroponic cultivation of Nasa, or simply an hallucinatory presence in the heart of the exhibition? This young electric nymph watches over the 3.0 Nature.

The retrospective dedicated to Duret also presents the self-produced editorial project “I can do anything badly”, in addition to a cycle of video projections by the French artist in the Cinema Theatre of the lnstitut Français Milano. From the setting up of the landscape, to the construction of an object and modern Makers, the work epitomises the social and aesthetic history of bricolage that goes through the 21st century London middle class, involving the Arts & Crafts movement, the Bauhaus, and United States Craft Movement, until the standardization of tools and counterculture of Do It Yourself.