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Open call 2017

LA GRANDE OCCASIONE is the title of this special edition curated by Laura Lamonea, an explicit quotation from the 1973 film of the same name made by the Italian artist Ugo La Pietra as a critique of the relationship between artist and institutions: today, as in the 1970s, for an artist to maintain his or her activity over time is the consequence of stubborn determination and the fruit of sacrifice and hard work.
The special edition investigates the theme of Dwelling, understood in the sense of connoting and giving identity to a place, possessing it mentally as well as physically, pursuing Ugo La Pietra’s provocation: “To inhabit is to be at home everywhere”. Between space and man there is not a before and an after but a relationship in the relationship; the same possibilities of intervention and modification developed in the private are transferable to the so-called public space.


Bibi Yamamoto

In cooperation with the historic Fonderia Artistica Battaglia, production support was given to artist Bibi Yamamoto for the production of a bronze edition.
The winner was invited to take part in a residency and to follow all the production phases with the support of the foundry’s 100 years of experience and craftsmanship.