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2017 Edition


The special edition of the Video Sound Art festival took place in three prestigious locations in Milan: the Battaglia Fine Art Foundry, a Milanese institution which had developed collaborations with major Italian and foreigner artists since more than a hundred years, establishing itself as a cultural pole of research for young practitioners, Bagni Misteriosi, the former Centro Balneare Caimi, annexed to the Teatro Franco Parenti and recently prequalified and the Institut français Milano.

La Grande Occasione is the title of this special edition curated by Laura Lamonea.
It’s a explicit reference to the homonymous 1973 film realized by the Italian artist Ugo La Pietra, and the choice of the title is also an adhesion to the current poignant critique made by La Pietra: today, as in the seventies, for the artist to keep his production continuous over time is the outcome of strong determination and the fruit of hard work and sacrifice.

The special edition investigates the theme of “DWELLING” exploring the ideas of characterizing and giving identity to a space, carrying out a mental and physical appropriation. It builds upon Ugo La Pietra’s provocation:“To dwell is to be everywhere in one’s own house”.
The guests artists Yuri AncaraniUgo La PietraBibi Yamamoto and Hoël Duret investigated the theme, mixing different languages: video, sculpture and installation.

In the perspective of a dialogue with the art exposition and of multidisciplinary correspondence, the festival hosted a series of talks held by personalities of the arts: Lorenzo Balbi, Barbara Ferriani, Anna Lambertini, Marco Mancuso, Mathilde Roman.

The Festival is organized with the support of Comune di Milano, Fonderia Artistica Battaglia, Bagni Misteriosi and Institut français Milano.

IV edition
23 – 31 May 2017
Fonderia Artistica Battaglia,
Bagni Misteriosi

4 – 14 October 2017
Institut français Milan


With the patronage of:
Comune di Milano

In collaboration with:
Fonderia Artistica Battaglia
Bagni Misteriosi
Fondazione Nuovi Mecenati
Institut français Milan

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