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Open Call 2016

For its sixth edition, Video Sound Art is once again selecting young artists through an Open Call, with the aim of rewarding creations by new talents.

Opening date 29th June 2016.
Closing date 12th September 2016.
The results will be posted on the site of Video Sound Art on 19th September 2016.


Participants are invited to present their projects for a complex interactive installation | setting. In interactive installations – common since the end of the 1960s – sensitive environments are created which visitors pass through and modify with their presence. In 2016, the use of interactive systems is now a consolidated practice. Creating an interactive installation raises a question which in our opinion could support the development of artistic research: why choose interactivity as a language. “Installations represent a hybridisation of traditional sculpture with other arts such as architecture, theatre, performance and cinema.” (Barbara Ferriani). The term ‘complex’ refers to the relationships of a dialectic type with space because they can change with every installation. The term ‘interactive’ in this context refers to the use of new technologies – both hardware and software – and the participation in the artistic process of figures specialised in the IT field.


The entry form must be filled in and sent by email to The email must include the project entered.
Both individual and group entries are welcome. These artistic forms require multiple competences. The artists:
a) create works individually, carrying out all the phases of creation;
b) commission the technological development from external collaborators;
c) create works in collectives made up of members with a precise distinction of roles.

Download the entry form


Candidates may:

1. present a project that has already been created in the past, sending: the concept, photographic and/or video documentation, description of the technology used, technical information.

2. present a project to be created by the sixth edition of the festival. In this case, the candidates must consider carefully whether the time for creating the project coincides with the days on which the festival will be held (second week in October 2016). Any links to video material must be uploaded online in a private form. The economic feasibility of the projects will be privileged. The following are required: concept, description of the technology used, technical information, an image (drawing or rendering).

The material sent must not exceed 5 MB.