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Open Call 2014

For its fourth edition, Video Sound Art resumes to select young artists through the diffusion of a competition announcement called Open Call, with the aim of rewarding the creation of new talents.

The title of the call, THE MAN INTO THE MAP, is an invitation to reflect and will guide the new productions of the festival for the next two years. Geographical maps, subways, conceptual maps, interactive maps scores, videomapping . The map has become the instrument of expression of thousands of artists participating, through personal representations, to the extensive collection of works depicting routes and conceptual territories . Video Sound Art puts the man in the middle of the maps yet to realize, starting from the visions of the young artists who will answer the Open Call.

THE MAN INTO THE MAP is also the title of the illustration created by the young graphic designer Francesco Briganti, whose production was coordinated by the team of Video Sound Art. In the illustration, made with ink on paper, Briganti shows a personal vision of the individual within a map under construction.





Sovrappensiero Design Studio _
Salvatore Delle Femmine _

illustration Sarah Richiuso
sound design 
Fullgrounf project
Erme Rivezzi

Discover more about the project

Sovrappensiero Design Studio was born in Milan in 2007 from the creative partnership between Lorenzo De Rosa and Ernesto Iadevaia. Their first innovative project, ‘Design for blind people’, was presented at the Salone Satellite in 2008, and since then their path has unfolded between research, experimentation and industrial production, to which they tenaciously apply their delicate and dreamlike poetics. Recognised as one of the most interesting emerging designers on the Italian scene, they collaborate with various Italian design companies such as Porada, Seletti, Incipit, Corraini and Manerba, with whom they realised the Office+Retrofit research project selected for the ADI design Index. In 2014, they won first prize in the ‘Young & Design’ competition with the ‘Cook’ project for the Mamoli company. They combine product design with interior and exhibition design, communication and teaching at the Politecnico di Milano. Since 2012 they have flanked their activities with an experimental path dedicated to audiovisual works and installations in collaboration with visual designer Salvatore Delle Femmine

Salvatore delle Femmine, class of ’88, works mainly in visual design and motion graphics, but often collaborates as a sound designer for experimental projects. He started cultivating his musical talent, beginning by playing the drums. He slowly oriented his musical research towards new sounds, dedicating himself to electronic and ambient music, creating compositions and scenarios that enhance people’s senses and connection with the images and sounds around them.

He pursued his passions by founding TV//OUT, an art collective dealing with media activism and experimentation, aimed at the free circulation of art. Thanks to this experience, he is able to explore new topics related to interactive installations and video mapping. He is always looking for new experiences and different scenarios to stimulate his knowledge. One of his greatest wishes is to be able to best represent what is on his mind.