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The invisible qualities of objects

On the occasion of the 12th edition of the Festival, Video Sound Art launched a new open call for artists and performers. Starting from the research conducted by the festival’s curatorial department on the invisible qualities of matter and the functions that objects around us assume in relation to history, identity and social relations, the open call was coordinated by Francesca Colasante, art historian and curator. The jury, composed of leading figures from the art world and the performing arts scene – academics, critics, curators and artists – decided on the winner of the new performance work.

Performance is the change of form, the time for reciprocity, the space for negotiation.
How do things work when they no longer occupy a position? When they cannot be touched, felt and are boundless? What do objects do when they are not used, when they do not interact with people? How do the invisible relationships of matter manifest themselves?
Francesca Colasante, president of the jury.

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Antonio Perticara, lecture-performance Drilling down

Antonio Perticara, Drilling Down, lecture-performance, 2022. Ph. Cesar Marenghi
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Starting from the observation of a familiar tool such as the drill, the Drilling down lecture-performance focuses on its application outside the ordinary context.
The artist proposes a reinterpretation of the ancient surgical practice of drilling, which is still half-known and characterised by a perturbing underlying ambiguity. Devoted to the conspiracy studies and conspiracy fantasies that have interested the debate in recent decades, the project connects a multitude of case studies: from the Neolithic age to 90’s electronic music, passing through the self-styled medieval practices of curing madness, up to today’s requests for drilling in online forums, cartoons, brainbloodvolume theory and much more.

The lecture-performance Drilling down by Antonio Perticara rereads the history of an ordinary object from the Neolithic to the present day, highlighting how its practice of use in relation to the body is instrumental to an ideological vision, determining the perception of identities and shared values of certain social groups.
The jury wishes to reward an original, personal and developing project and to support its performative potential.
Francesca Colasante,  president of the jury

Ph. 1: Drilling drill, Ph. v. Döblen, Livrustkammaren, LRK 1040
Ph 2 e 3: Content of the research conducted by the artist

Residency period and contribution

The artistic residency was held at Villa Santa Giulia in Piombino (LI), in collaboration with the Amici di Duccio Association.
Formed as an association in 2018, the historical group of Duccio’s friends is committed to supporting medical-scientific research in the field of leukaemia treatment in children and adolescents, promoting the creative activity of young artists and intellectuals, engaged in modern and contemporary arts and culture.

Villa Santa Giulia, venue of the artistic residency


Francesca Colasante
Art historian and curator, jury president

Jacopo Miliani
Artist and lecturer in performance practices at the Accademia Ligustica in Genoa and the Accademia di Belle Arti in Verona

Piersandra di Matteo
Researcher, dramaturg and curator in the field of performing arts, artistic director of Short Theatre, Rome

Annalisa Sacchi
Regular Professor of Theatre Aesthetics and Director of the Degree Course in Theatre and Performing Arts at Iuav, Venice

Video Sound Art
Laura Lamonea – artistic direction, Lino Palena, production direction

Open Call 2022
The invisible qualities of objects

Thanks to:
Teatro Carcano in Milan
Associazione Amici di Duccio

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