On the occasion of its ten years of activity, from the 16th of September to the 3rd of December, Video Sound Art presents a cycle of monographic exhibitions, projections and sonorizations at the Romano and Cozzi swimming pools, historic spaces of Milano Sport.

16 September – 1 October
Exhibition concluded

16 October – 16 November


The exhibition “Impenetrable” is closed to the public in accordance with the Prime Ministerial Decree of 3 November, but it will be possible to visit it online on the platform, accompanied in real time by a cultural mediator.

The second monographic exhibition, that will be held at the Cozzi swimming pool in Milan, is dedicated to the Italian artist Giulio Frigo.

Giulio Frigo (1984) is today one of the most promising and interesting young artists on the Italian scene for his extremely refined and sophisticated use of painting, light and color. The exhibition was the winner of the Exhibit Program – promoted by the General Direction of Contemporary Creativity of the MiBACT –  for its curatorial quality and for its ability to make artistic expression coexist with the activities of the swimming pool, which will remain open to swimmers for the duration of the exhibition.

In the large gallery overlooking the internal pool, the artist presents his new complex installation, consisting of two large paintings and a corridor of PVC tubes that visitors can explore.

The itinerary continues with other paintings exhibited in the mosaic-covered bathroom from the 1930s, a space normally inaccessible to the public that will be opened just for the exhibition and will host a sonorization composed by Carlo Boccadoro, artistic director of the Sentieri selvaggi ensemble.

The interaction between art and contemporary music, innovative for its inclusive practice, is one of the central elements of this edition, in particular of this second event which is part of the Kunsthalle for music project, winner of the Quality Culture open call launched by the Fondazione Cariplo.

The protagonist for the musical part is the Sentieri selvaggi ensemble with its director Carlo Boccadoro, who curated and realized the soundtrack of the main installation, result of a residence with the artist to explore the close connection between image and sound. 

In the exhibition there will also be video contributions by scholars and philosophers connected to the themes of the festival. Unlike the classic talks, there will televisions, spread along the exhibition, on which the visitor can see the short pre-recorded videos. This curatorial choice was inspired by one of the large paintings on display, depicting four Rai (Italian national television) presenters, testifying the link that the artist has with the world of television.

Since 2011, Video Sound Art Festival has supported the production of new works, reflecting on the transformations of the installation practice as a result of a process of hybridization of traditional disciplines: sculpture, architecture, cinema, theater.

Over the years, the works have been presented to the public in exhibition contexts far from the usual distribution circuits, with the aim of testing the adaptability of art: group exhibitions at public schools (Biennale Manifesta, Palermo, Liceo Volta, Milan), in the underground (former Albergo Diurno Venezia, Milan – Ali Kazma), in theatre halls (Teatro Franco Parenti | Bagni Misteriosi, Milan – Yuri Ancarani). This year the exhibition will transform the sports facilities by putting artistic productions in dialogue with the contemporary debate, and will coexist – during the autumn months – with the sport activities.


The X edition
was realized with the support of:
Fondazione Cariplo
Regione Lombardia
Directorate of Cultural Affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile (DIRAC)

With the contribution of:

With the patronage of:
Comune di Milano

Touring Club Italiano
Galleria Francesca Minini
Associazione Le Belle Arti
Studio Mosae

In collaboration with:
Le Cannibale
Sentieri selvaggi
Cinema Beltrade
Lake Como Film Festival
Filmmaker Festival
Il Cinemino
Rosso film