Public Program

“I swim.
I seem to find myself and recognize myself when I return to this universal water. […]
Here, the whole body gives itself, recovers, gets to know itself, does its utmost and wants to
exhaust all its possibilities. ”
Paul Valéry, Inspirations Méditerranéennes

The act of swimming, as a moment of encounter and fusion between man and the landscape, accompanies
the entire program of the festival, which will be held this year at the Cozzi and Romano swimming pools.
After the long period of lockdown imposed by the pandemic, we are led to return to places and to
reformulate our relationship with the world. To push us, like the protagonists of Enrique Ramirez’s works,
to deserts and oceans, “deeply devoted to the unconscious cult of three or four indisputable divinities: the
Sea, the Sky, the Sun” (Valéry).

Gigi Masin, composer and first guest of the public program, also seems to pay tribute to these
divinities in his latest recording project: Calypso.
Composed on the island of Gavdos, where the nymph is thought to have imprisoned Odysseus,
the album dialogues with the rhythms and textures of the Mediterranean landscape. Masin lets
himself be carried away by the murmurs of nature and its original elements, reconciling in his
music sensitive image, mythical projection and lógos.

Gigi Masin will respond in the second exhibition to a performance by Sentieri Selvaggi, the contemporary
music ensemble founded in 1997 by Carlo Boccadoro, who will also curate the sonorization of the artwork.

Calendar of the musical performances

curated by  Le Cannibale

Friday 18 September
Program 1 (doors opening at 20.00)
8 – 9 pm Marco Puccini (indoor)
9.30 – 10 pm Gigi Masin (outdoor)

Program 2 (doors opening at 22.15)
10.30 – 11.15 pm Marco Puccini (indoor)
11.30 pm – 12.00 am Gigi Masin (outdoor)
12.00 – 12.30 am Marco Puccini (indoor

Saturday 19th September
Program 1 (doors opening at 20.00)
8 – 9 pm Marco Puccini (indoor)
9.30 – 10 pm Lamusa II (outdoor)

Program 2 (doors opening at 22.15)
10.30 – 11.15 pm Marco Puccini (indoor) 2
11.20 pm – 12.00 am Lamusa II (outdoor)
12.00 – 12.30 am Marco Puccini (indoor)

There will be opportunities for the critical discussion of these issues through talks, performances and a special screening program in collaboration with Cinema Beltrade, Filmmaker Festival, Lake Como Film Festival, Il Cinemino and the Milanese production company Rosso Film.
A cycle of poolside screenings, to explore the movement-settlement dialectic from multiple perspectives,
the exploration of the unknown, the need to start a journey. In the pre-Socratic awareness that turning the
camera to the ocean is not just a stimulus to sensitivity, but the beginning of a physical and metaphysical
speculative process. In that ocean, Valéry explains to us again, “the sensitive ingredients are gathered […] within which the most general thought is about to germinate: light and space, freedom and rhythm,
transparency and depth …”

Davide Francalanci

Calendar of the screening program

Film in original language with subtitles

Sunday 20 September
curated by Lake Como Film Festival 
8.15 pm | Nomad: In the Footsteps of Bruce Chatwin by Werner Herzog (89 minutes)
10 pm | Dolphin Man  l by Lefteris Charitos (78 minutes)

Thursday 24 September
Projection cancelled due to bad weather
curated by Cinema Beltrade
8.15 pm | Tony Driver by Ascanio Petrini (73 minutes)

Saturday 26th September
curated by Filmmaker
8.15 pm | Leviathan by Veréna Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor (87 minutes)

Sunday 27th September
curated by Il Cinemino
8.15 pm | Blue Velvet by David Lynch (120 minutes)

Tuesday 29 September
curated by Cinema Beltrade
8.15 pm | The Pearl Button by Patricio Guzmàn (82 minutes)

Thursday 1 October
curated by Rossofilm
8.15 pm | Short films made by emerging artists




Werner Herzog, left, and Bruce Chatwin, c. 1983


Swimming pool Romano
Via Ampère, 20, Milan

Opening (invitation only)
Wednesday the 16th of September
Opening Times
From Tuesday to Sunday
From h 8pm to h 12am

The X edition
was realized with the support of:
Fondazione Cariplo
Regione Lombardia
Directorate of Cultural Affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile (DIRAC)

Touring Club Italiano

In collaboration with:
Le Cannibale
Sentieri Selvaggi
Rosso film
Lake Como Film Festival
Filmmaker Festival