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Kunsthalle for music
Mediation for contemporary art and music

Video Sound Art with the project Kunsthalle for music – mediation for contemporary art and music, winner of the call for Cultura di qualità of the Fondazione Cariplo (2020) proposed actions to foster the development of the audience and the involvement of diverse user profiles and at the same time structure an artistic proposal entirely dedicated to the voices of the contemporary – art and music, instruments of research and debate. Training courses formed a central part of the winning project.

Virtual maps created by students

The training project activities were carried out both in-presence and online. To increase student interaction and involvement, virtual co-design tools such as multimedia whiteboards and maps were used during the online activities.

After participating in a series of meetings with the Video Sound Art team, the artists and the realities involved in the organisation of the festival, the students from the Liceo Carducci in Milan proceeded to follow one of the proposed paths: cultural mediation, virtual cultural mediation, video photography, press office and communication.

Cultural mediation

During the cultural mediation process, the students investigated the role of the mediator, the theme and the works of the selected artists.

Meeting between Liceo Classico Carducci students and artist Enrique Ramirez, Piscina Romano, Milan

Virtual cultural mediation

In 2020, Video Sound Art, in collaboration with a team of engineers in San Francisco, started the development of the Artaway project, an online platform that encourages knowledge of distant or inaccessible places, stimulates an exploration of the history of Italian art before a live visit, and helps the discovery of lesser-known places in our country.

Artaway was used for educational activities as an innovative tool. The students who played the role of mediators shared their knowledge learned during the course with Video Sound Art and, at the same time, stimulated the discussion and participation of other students and teachers using tools such as Street View, Google Arts and Culture, Google Earth, whiteboards and collaborative virtual platforms.

Kunsthalle for music
Mediation for contemporary art and music
Co-design project 2020

With the contribution of:
Fondazione Cariplo

In collaboration with:
Liceo Volta and Liceo Carducci

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The Liceo Carducci students took part in a workshop led by anthropologist Tommaso Santagostino that saw the production of seven podcasts focusing on the works and poetics of artist Giulio Frigo, the protagonist of the second chapter of the 10th edition of the Festival.