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(1987, Naples)

The winner of the open call 2018 is Diego Cibelli: the artist presents Serenissima a plastic installation in clay inspired by domestic space of the seventeen hundreds and by the Bourbon technique of braiding. The residency has given the artist the opportunity of encountering the ancient artisan tradition of the ceramic manufactory of Capodimonte, and to experiment with new artistic interventions.

Diego Cibelli was born in Naples in 1987. His artistic research focuses on the multiple and possible modes of dwelling, his visual attention is grabbed by artifacts and by spaces organized by living beings. A pivotal point of convergence of his research is the issue of belonging and identity considered in terms of relationship. His work has been exhibited in various occasions, in Italy and abroad, among which: Pan in Naples, in 2012; Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin, in 2013; at Galleria Atelier 35 in Bucarest, in 2013; MSU- Museum of Contemporary Arts in Zagreb, in 2016.