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Bodymap – VSA

An idea byLaura Lamonea e Ivan Casagrande Conti
A project byIvan Casagrande Conti, Laura Lamonea, Lino Palena
Director of photographyLino Palena
Sound designFrancesco Galano, Vincenzo Risi
Director of productionDaniela Amandolese
PerformerGiorgio Codibue
ProductionVideo Sound Art

Bodymap is a complex video installation consisting of 15 screens each containing video footage of a section of a man’s body. The visual map created by the screens is an emotional collection of 250 rituals selected from the network. Without any scientific value, the videos have been catalogued into four categories: State, Religion, Art, Body|Community.
During the four minutes – the total duration of the installation – the parts of the body perform four movements that mark the passage from one category to another. The videomapped rituals on each section of the body have a variable duration. The map is characterised by an unexpected coincidence of gestures performed in distant temporal and geographical spaces.

Roar – Jaguar XE

The XE is the first of a new generation of cars. The aluminium architecture has resulted in an incredibly strong structure, but also delivers the power with high levels of handling. All this is complemented by refinement and design. XE is inspired by the latest technology and design. It features driver-focused systems that enhance the driving experience.
ROAR is an interactive sound installation that uses sensors to allow visitors to interact with the JAGUAR XE, creating a sound environment outside the museum. Simultaneously, through the technique of data visualisation, it is possible to visualise a graphic representation of the flow of data collected by the sensors. Technological development: Giorgia Petri

Sonar – Briganti

Sound DesignEmre Baloglu
ProductionVideo Sound Art

Video mapping on the Transatlantic facade.

Sonar – an instrument used to scan the seabed and the course horizon on the underwater map – will determine the ship’s transformations through three distinct phases of geographical, scientific and historical inspiration.

Mare Senza – Giacobbe

IllustrationBeppe Giacobbe
MusicFrancesco Di Loreto
VideomappingNobu Lab
ProductionVideo Sound Art

Video mapping on the Transatlantic facade.

La mappa del Bleriot – Angheleddu

Artistic directionDavide Angheleddu
SupervisionGabriele Guidi
ProductionVideo Sound Art

Davide Angheleddu presents a work inspired by his doctoral research at the Politecnico di Milano. This research, under the supervision of Professor Guidi, deals with the development of techniques for the optimisation of three-dimensional models for large-scale use. In particular, the models derived from laser scanning and digital photogrammetry, commonly used in the field of cultural heritage, generate very complex models that are difficult to use with the normal applications available on the most popular devices (tablets, smartphones, low-end PCs). Angheleddu applies a process of geometry simplification that exploits the possibility of transferring geometric information from the 3D model to appropriate two-dimensional maps.
In particular, the proposed work uses panoramic images to construct an immersive virtual context that allows for a total view of the environment surrounding the observer.
Angheleddu chooses as his theme the famous Bleriot plane, the first aircraft to successfully fly across the English Channel in 1909. The virtual tour allows visitors to explore the aircraft from several viewpoints connected to the relevant hotspots. The user can find himself in the driver’s seat of the Bleriot aircraft or take a different perspective that highlights fascinating construction details.

I meet you, I remember you – VSA

SourcesArchivio Prelinger
Technological developmentMonica Bordegoni, Mario Covarrubias, Giandomenico Caruso, Giorgia Petri
Materials selectionBarbara del Curto
A project byLaura Lamonea, Giorgia Petri
Scent productionStefano Bader
Direzione artisticaLaura Lamonea
Scent direction /td>OIKOS fragrances
Exhibition design/td>Carmen Bruno

A Video Sound Art production in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano

“I meet you I remember you” is an interactive video installation created in collaboration with the virtual prototyping laboratory of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Politecnico di Milano.
Olfactory displays are instruments programmed to emit odours. The laboratory of the Politecnico University is currently developing an application, created using Unity 3D software, which controls the display of a virtual environment and activates air cannons for the emission of odours. While enjoying the installation, sensory stimuli and body position invite the viewer to follow the discontinuous and fluctuating flow of memory moving between past and present.
The projected videos are the result of a montage made from a film selected from the Prelinger Archive. The collection, edited by Rick Prelinger, is a collection of films on the cultural and social life of North America and includes propaganda films, educational films, amateur films and home movies. The selected video belongs to the home movies category and was shot in California in 1940.
The fragrances were produced on demand by Oikos Fragrances, a company specialising in the design of room fragrances and diffusion technologies. Oikos has patented SFR (Solid Fragrance Release) technology, which allows fragrances and fragrance notes to be used in a solid state. This allows fragrances to be diffused by simple ventilation with qualitative and functional results that are clearly superior to the traditional processes of atomising, heating or evaporating fragrances in liquid form.

Video Sound Art Festival
V edition
6-7-9-10-11 July 2015

Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia “Leonardo Da Vinci”, Milan

With the contribution of:
Comune di Milano
Regione Lombardia