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A chi stiamo parlando?

Video Sound Art in the 2022 won “Per la Cultura” call organised by Fondazione Cariplo with a project realised in collaboration with the Liceo Volta in Milan entitled A chi stiamo parlando?. The project, implementing experimental co-design practices, involves students, artists and professionals in the sector – cultural operators, architects, curators – in a co-design process at the end of which the high school students will organise their own festival. 

The questions revolve around the role of cultural spaces in relation to young audiences, who continue to be the passive recipients of choices made elsewhere. What practices can reverse this trend? Is it possible to involve users in order to return to sharing that great collective rite that is culture?  

During the opening days of the exhibition, the students met the artists and all the staff of Video Sound Art, taking part in practical workshops on video and photography, communication and production. Students involved in mediation activities accompanied visitors to discover the works through cultural mediations.

Discover the XII edition seen through the eyes of Liceo Volta students:
Through Volta’s eyes

In the following months, sessions dedicated to planning and involving students, artists, curators and cultural operators are planned. The final objective is the organisation of an exhibition in December inside the Liceo Volta, which will consist of artistic and performative interventions and a public programme. The choice of guests and contributions will arise from discussions with the students. 

A chi stiamo parlando?
Co-design project 2022

With the contribution of:
Fondazione Cariplo
8 per mille Chiesa Valdese

In collaboration with:
Liceo Volta

Through Volta’s eyes

Discover the XII edition