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Liceo Volta opens its doors to the ninth edition of the festival with an exhibition composed of installations, films and site specific interventions, conceived as a choreographic score that blends with the environment and the objects of the school. Video Sound Art invites the public to dwell on the remains, on the destiny we choose for wastes without place and category. 

The questions revolve around the not yet, the future, around what remains for conceiving a space for revolutionary action and initiating a transformative act. The exhibition itinerary unfolds vertically between corridors and staircases impregnated with the presence of the students. It is through ascent that utopia turns into inquiry and is taken as a challenge by the artists: they attempt to deconstruct the compact order of things and multiply future perspectives.

Video Sound Art Festival
IX edition
28 November- 1 December 2019

Liceo Volta, Milano

With the contribution of:
Comune di Milano
Regione Lombardia
Consolato Generale della Germania

With the patronage of:
Fondazione Ellenica di Cultura Italiana