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Fujiya e Miyagi

Fujiya e Miyagi are not only the names of two Karate Kid characters, they’re four English, Brighton- based, krautrock and indie pop- obssessed musicians.
Their outstanding mix allowed them to earn remarkable positions on prominent music publications such as NME and Pitchfork.

Their last album is Ventriloquizzing (2011, Full Time Hobby/Pias) produced by Thom Monahan, former Pernice Brothers and Devendra Banhart’s producer.
“We like a lot of the groups Thom has produced, and besides his involvement with acoustic acts, he has a real love of electronic music too. And he likes Sly & the Family Stone…” says singer/guitarist David Best.
As Monahan is based in the States, that meant the album was written in Brighton and recorded in sunny California.

The atmosphere is notably darker than before, the mood is forceful, aggressive and confrontational, but all the while maintaining the taut, minimalistic funk that’s become their calling card.
“It’s quite an accusatory record” says David. “I think there’s an underlying anger, or perhaps just annoyance, at institutions and people in general, and probably ourselves too.”

Topics touched on include over-medication, eco-hypocrisy and the myth of Chanctonbury Ring, where it’s said if you run round a clump of trees backwards seven times the devil will appear and offer you soup. The song’s called Minestrone.

Be prepared to dance, to chuckle, and to be a little bit creeped out listening to Ventriloquizzing.