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De siderum

The podcast De siderum was realised by students Sara Fracassi, Jasmine Gouda and Caterina Zucchetti on the occasion of the festival Io non sono solo uno studente (I’m not just a student), created by a group of fourth-year students of the Liceo Volta in Milan as part of the project A chi stiamo parlando? supported by Fondazione Cariplo and Tavola Valdese.
Guided by the Video Sound Art team, the students conceived artistic interventions and performances disseminated within their school. The route winds its way through classrooms, gyms and laboratories and shows the life of the school from the point of view of those who attend it every day.

The podcast, which enriched the complex installation Ad Astra set up in the physics lab, is dedicated to the dreams and aspirations of the students and their teachers, interspersed with scientific and mythological notions about astronomy and the culture of desire.

Listen to the podcast De siderum

Ad Astra, installation, 2023. Ph. Yesuqi Lin

[sīdŭs], sideris
neutral noun 3rd declension

1 ASTRONOMY star, astro, celestial body
2 (figuratively) night, season, epoch, storm
3 ASTRONOMY (plural) sky, region of stars

τηλεσκόπος  [-ον]
who sees from afar

Our sap is desire, what runs through our veins is going beyond, breaking down barriers. We raise bridges, we destroy obstacles. We yearn for the infinite, we yearn for the stars, their warm glow, their bright hope. Today we want to reclaim the spaces that confine us and expand them, make them our own: today we want to paint with light in the dark and observe our work. We are like this, we are young, we are students, and we have dreams and chimeras, we build our castles in the air with the tools in our hands: today we use these tools to build something greater, to expand our and your horizons, to breathe freedom.

Illustration by Lorenzo Pigna

Io non sono solo uno studente
(I am not just a student)
16 – 17 March 2023
h 18.00 – 22.00

Liceo Volta
entrance on via Settala, Milan

With the contribuition of:
Fondazione Cariplo
8 per mille Chiesa Valdese

In collaboration with:
Liceo Volta

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