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Joshua Radin

Joshua Radin was lying sideways across a hotel bed in Stockholm when he wrote his new album. Spending the day in bed might seem like a counterintuitive approach to productivity, but after feeling like the creative well had run dry, Radin suddenly found himself writing the strongest material of his career after turning 90 degrees. Titled ‘Onward and Sideways,’ the album artfully and honestly captures the experience of falling completely and utterly in love, with all the joy and hesitancy and exhilaration and fear and doubt it entails.
Love and the complications surrounding it have long proven to be Radin’s songwriting forte. Though he never intended to be a live performer, there was little choice when the first song he ever wrote, “Winter,” was featured on an episode of “Scrubs.” The resulting fervor around the song soon led to a record deal, and over the last decade, Radin’s toured the world countless times, sold hundreds of thousands of records and topped the iTunes charts, earned raves from Rolling Stone to The Guardian, performed on The Tonight Show, Conan, and more, played Ellen DeGeneres’ wedding at her personal request, and had his songs featured in more than 150 different films, commercials, and TV shows.
For ‘Onward and Sideways,’ his sixth studio album, Radin enlisted an all-star team of collaborators including Sheryl Crow, who duets with him on the sweetly acoustic “Beautiful Day,” as well as drummer Matt Chamberlain (Elvis Costello, David Bowie), pedal steel guitarist Greg Leisz (Jackson Browne, Willie Nelson), keyboardist Patrick Warren (Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris), and producer/guitarist Tony Berg (The Replacements, Lucius).


The duo DaEDAL was born in 2014 in Milan, initially as a project of pure musical experimentation, but later it became concrete thanks to the great understanding of the two components (Giacomo Carlone, Benoit Trigari) despite their different musical backgrounds. In 2015 the first Ep “Ai” was born, completely self-produced.Between dominant rhythms and obsessive basses, the labyrinthine, complex arrangements have an electronic and progressive dominant, with strong cinematic-orchestral tendencies and contemporary nipponese sounds. For live performances, a more acoustic and played approach is maintained, creating a duality between studio and stage work.

Vaghe Stelle

Vaghe Stelle is the most recent project of Turinese musician and producer Daniele Mana, and draws inspiration from the 70s krautrock scene: rarefied atmospheres that aim at the centre of the dancefloor, hitting it with its hypnotic rhythms and psychedelic sounds.
In December 2009 he released his first single, ‘Cycles 1 EP’, on Margot Records, receiving positive feedback from musicians such as Extrawelt, Agoria and James Holden. In 2010, the track ‘Hemicycle 1’ is included in ‘Modeselektion Vol.1’, the compilation edited by Modeselektor. 2011 saw the release of two remixes on Margot Records, one for postpunk band The Units and an EP for Opilec Records. In June 2011 he worked with Max Casacci on the creation of a sound installation for the Venice Biennale; November 2011 marked the release of his second EP for Margot, entitled ‘Le Cose Ferme’.

Greg Haines

Greg Haines is a talented British composer with Berlin roots. He is a young musician who comes from the school of the great masters of contemporary classical music and cultured electronics such as Philip Glass, Steve Reich and Arvo Pärt, the Estonian composer and greatest exponent of sacred minimalism, from whom he draws most inspiration. His music is a harmonious mix of persuasive piano melodies, delicate cello textures and synthetic electro-acoustic sounds, suspended between classical minimalism and electronic experimentation. After his debut in 2006 with “Slumber Tides”, an album that received unanimous acclaim from both public and critics, followed in 2009 by Komarovo, an ambient single for organ, piano and samples, and in 2010 by Until The Point of Hushed Support, a composition for string quintet, organ, piano, percussion and electronics. In 2010 he recorded a short EP of solo piano in collaboration with Peter Broderick at Tabalet Estudis in Valencia and released in October 2012 by the Swedish label Kning Disk.

Drink to me

They formed in 2002, starting as a classic rock band and evolving towards a more sophisticated musical style.
Carlo Casalegno, Marco Bianchi, Francesco Serasso and Roberto Grosso Sategna. They are currently presenting their fourth album, “Bright White Light”, produced in 2014 and that already from the title instantly evokes the images, emotions, memories, that the band from Ivrea describes in their songs.
All this after 200 concerts, four self-produced EPs, a 7″ on Smartz Records and three albums: “Don’t Panic Go Organic” (Midfinger Records, 2008), recorded in London and mixed by Andy Savours (Blonde Redhead, The horrors, The Killers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Pj Harvey…), “Brazil” (Unhip Records, 2010), produced by Alessio Natalizia (Banjo or Freakout, Walls, Disco Drive) and “S” (Unhip Records, 2010).


Giöbia is one of the most influential Italian psychedelic bands in recent years. Seduced by the lysergic side of the 60s, exotic mantras and the evocative power of space-rock, Giöbia were born in Milan and are distinguished by their many facets united by a single faith: to transform every encounter with sound into a psychedelic experience. In choosing their name, Giöbia were inspired by the pre-Christian festival of the same name celebrated in northern Italy, in which a large straw puppet resembling a witch was burnt as a sort of propitiatory rite against the forces of nature. Band members: leader Bazu (vocals and stringed instruments), Saffo (organ, violin, vocals), Detrji (bass) and Betta (drums).


Árirang was born in 2010 in Milan, with no precise intentions of genre or style.
The past post-punk experience under the name of I AM YOU remains present in the sounds, which gradually expand into less and less serial plots, until they lead to the creation of what seem to be more soundtracks than songs for their own sake.
A research in continuous evolution that now aims at the preparation of live performances, with the study of a syntony between lights, sounds, stimuli and images, confirming the intent to create an environment with rarefied boundaries, of continuous exchange between emitter and listener.

Video Sound Art Festival
V edition
6-7-9-10-11 July 2015

Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia “Leonardo Da Vinci”, Milan

With the contribution of:
Comune di Milano
Regione Lombardia