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Julia Holter

Julia Holter, a young American artist born in 1984, is a singer-songwriter and composer from Los Angeles. After graduating from the California Institute of Arts, she recorded her first concept album in 2011, Tragedy, inspired by Euripides’ “Hippolytus”, in which the artist works on dreamlike and esoteric avant-pop sounds. Amidst much critical acclaim, in 2012 he released his second album, Ekstasis, which further explored the atmospheres of his first work. Finally, in 2013, she released her third album, Sound Loud City, the album that made her known to the general public and which, compared to the first two albums, featured a musical ensemble. In this album, the singer-songwriter leaves the atmospheres of her early days in the background to take on more pop sounds. “Refined, vibrant, wild and suggestive in an unprecedented and modern way, Loud City Song is an artistic triumph that cannot leave anyone indifferent” – Ondarock



Fabrizio Somma is K-Conjog, a composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer of electronic music.In 2009 his debut album, Il Nuovo è al passoi con i tempi, was released by Snowdonia Dischi/Audioglobe.In 2010, the English label Dirty Demos released an electro/folk ep entitled Le Storie che invento non le so so Raccontare. The album in question also became, with the help of director Francesco Lettieri, a video project that won numerous festivals, including the Napoli Film Festival. 2012 is the year of Set Your Spirit Freak!, the second album released by the American Abandon Building Records, with which he also released the remix album of Origamibiro (Shakkei) with the participation of Plaid, ISAN and Melodium. With Set Your Spirit Freak! the young composer mixes the best lessons of minimalism and readjusts them to his liking, getting closer to the intentions of great masters such as Yann Tiersen, John Adams and Wim Mertens. Contrary to his previous productions, the album highlights the compositional skills of the author, who continually plays with the classic orchestral sounds, passing without too many problems to those of the most modern folktronica.
The video clip of the song QWERTY, directed by Francesco Lettieri, won the 2012 PIVI.
He also collaborated with Valerio Berruti in 2010 to create the soundtrack for his solo show “Una Sola Moltitudine”. presented at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan and the video installation “E più non dimandare” presented at tina b. in Prague.


Adult Standard – Youth Section

Adult Standard is an experimental music project by Vincenzo Risi whose aim is to explore new links between a certain kind of electronic post-rock and pop. The concept of the incremental loop is at the heart of Adult Standard’s tracks. The harmonic loop remains the same, enriched or emptied by instrumental layers, while the vocal line outlines a pop progression that does not, however, follow the classic structural stylistic features: in some cases the voice is inserted into an already formed musical environment, at the end of the song; in others, there is no precise differentiation between verse and refrain and their alternation. The ultimate goal is to make the listener perceive a complete development of the song, minimal in the sense of not redundant and in which each element has a precise sense. The genre of Adult Standard, in its attempt to bring together post-rock and pop, could be defined as post-pop.

The live show is in collaboration with Antonio Polidoro and M.A.N.F.R.E..



Árirang was born in 2010 in Milan, with no precise intentions of genre or style.
The past post-punk experience under the name of I AM YOU remains present in the sounds, which gradually expand into less and less serial plots, until they lead to the creation of what seem to be more soundtracks than songs for their own sake.
A research in continuous evolution that now aims at the preparation of live performances, with the study of a syntony between lights, sounds, stimuli and images, confirming the intent to create an environment with rarefied boundaries, of continuous exchange between emitter and listener.


Death of a Cheerleader

Through the relics of the human tragedy, transcendent lights amongst us, the wrath of the forests whispering from afar, stones singing for dignity, what remains is the eternal longing.

DEATH OF A CHEERLEADER’s debut album is “Dancing Around The Fire Of Volcano”.
DEATH OF A CHEERLEADER is a Winterthur (CH) based band that plays indie-rock with post-rock and doom influences. Their debut album “Dancing Around The Fire Of Volcano” was composed in Sweden/Turkey and recorded in Stockholm. The record was created in collaboration with Magnus Lindberg, producer and drummer of Cult of Luna.
They are old stories told in a contemporary language, inspired by the literature of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. They raise questions that have accompanied mankind for centuries. Unanswered questions, but nevertheless of great importance and necessity. The music on ‘Dancing Around The Fire Of Volcano’ is strong, decisive and compelling. A demanding faith in humanity accompanies the band on its way. A way that was paved by anger: The way of love.



IOKOI, a Swiss/Italian artist moves around playing for theatre, dance, silent films, installations, for herself and ordinary people. After a first tour in China in 2013 she returns there in spring 2013 to play the first Art Basel in Hong Kong and beyond. In August he also creates an interactive sound installation with concert for the summer festival STADTSOMMER at the botanical garden in Zurich. He starts 2014 by composing music for the experimental contemporary dance project TSIB-The Space In Between in collaboration with choreographers Alida Dors and Jochen Heckmann.
The first single, “Growing Young”, later became the soundtrack for a video by renowned designer Yohji Yamamoto. IOKOI continues its dialogue with the world of fashion, which has existed for a long time thanks to its ongoing collaboration with the emerging brand MIRYAKI.
Her music could perhaps be defined as somewhere between Ambient, Drones and Pop, but it doesn’t matter: she floats in space disguising herself as her surroundings. Letting go is everything.


Video Sound Art Festival
IV edition
6-7-9-10-11 July 2014

Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia “Leonardo Da Vinci”, Milano

With the contribution of:
Comune di Milano
Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia “Leonardo Da Vinci”, Milano