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Schermata 2015-06-10 alle 18.50.52


An idea by Laura Lamonea e Ivan Casagrande Conti
A project by Ivan Casagrande Conti, Laura Lamonea, Lino Palena
Director of photography Lino Palena
Sound design Francesco Galano, Vincenzo Risi
Director of production Daniela Amandolese
Performer Giorgio Codibue
Production Video Sound Art


Bodymap is a complex video installation made up of 15 screens, each containing the video footage of a section of a man’s body. The visual map created by the screens is an emotional collection of 250 rites selected from the Web. Without any scientific value, the videos have been catalogued in four categories: State, Religion, Art, and Body and Community. In four minutes (the total length of the installation), the parts of the body make 4 movements which mark the passage from one category to the next. The rites video mapped on each section of the body have a variable duration.
The map is characterized by gestures coinciding repeatedly, but done in a distant time and space.