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ANTIVJ is a collective made up of a group of European artists whose works are based on the peculiar use of projections and light and how these two elements can influence our perception.
Moving away from classic videomapping, ANTIVJ designs installations, seeking to provide the public with a stimulating and unique experience in which the work moves away from pure formal and technical virtuosity, to also provide a narrative that has artistic value.
ANTIVJ was born from the original idea of Yannick Jacquet, Joanie Lemercier, Olivier Ratsi and Romain Tardy in 2006. Thomas Vaquiè has been composing the music for most of the projects since 2008, with visual artist Simon Geilfus joining in 2009.

The label is managed by Nicolas Boritch.


Rajan Craveri

Founder in 2006 of the micron company, Rajan Craveri carries out constant research in the field of new media, in particular on the theme of interactive systems applied to performance art. He has taken part in various festivals presenting interactive dance and video mapping performances. He has been working freelance for 7 years, creating interactive installations and site-specific multimedia projects. He has taught at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, Brescia and Milan. He collaborates in the organisation of NemeOpla (New Media Open Lab), free laboratories of collective experimentation. He loves collaboration, performance art and visual experimentation.

Beppe Giacobbe

Beppe Giacobbe is one of the greatest and most esteemed contemporary illustrators. He has received many awards and recognitions both in Italy and in the United States, including in 2005 the gold medal for the best illustrated children’s book from the American magazine “3×3, The Magazine of Contemporary Illustration” and in 2009 the gold medal for the Communications Arts book section.
He has worked for years with United Airlines, illustrating some famous advertising campaigns, and with the New York Times, the New Yorker and other publications. He is a regular contributor to Corriere della Sera and Courrier International.

Giacobbe’s works will be a source of inspiration and a starting point for creation, such as the animated short film “Le Roi du Silence”, which, thanks to the mapping carried out by Lino Palena, becomes the poetic content of a videomapping installation. The images of the great Milanese illustrator will also be used to create the new work that Rajan Craveri will present as a preview at the festival and the animation by the young Ivan Casagrande Conti.

He is a regular contributor to Corriere della Sera and Courrier International.


Yannick Jaquet

Yannick Jacquet, born in 1980, started out as a graphic designer. In recent years he has devoted his energies to developing his own artistic language using video and various projection techniques.
His work is characterised by a desire to break with traditional models of video projection by seeking other ways of integrating the ‘video’ element within the performance space. In practice, these ideas end up taking various forms: installations, stage sets, audiovisual performances. Moreover, his works, often created “in situ”, are strongly influenced by issues and imagery related to architecture.
He collaborates regularly with the AntiVj label, of which he is a founding member.


Frieder Weiss

Frieder Weiss lives and works in Berlin. He is the author of video installations and an expert in “realtime computing” and “interactive computer systems” applied to the performing arts. He has designed video motion sensing software for performance, dance, music and computer art. A pioneer in the field of intermedia performance, he is co-director of the Palindrome Performance group, within which he develops media performances that have received numerous international awards (Transmediale, Berlin; CynetArt, Dresden).
Inspired by Australian dancer Emily Fernandez, he developed an aesthetic that strongly integrated visual media with bodily movement. Frieder designed the interactive technology for Chunky Move’s and recent works Glow and Mortal Engine. For his contribution to Glow he was awarded the “Green Room Award” for Design in Dance. Mortal Engine was awarded the 2008 Live Performance Australia Helpmann Award for ‘Best Visual or Physical Theatre Production’.
Other recent works have been with Long Beach Opera (Los Angeles), Moscow State Circus, Phase7 (Berlin), Helga Pogatschar, Cesc Gelabert (Munich), Eike von Stukkenbrok (Berlin), Kylie Minogue (London). He is currently working as projecting designer for King Kong, a musical produced by Global Creatures on Broadway. Frieder has made temporary and permanent installations at locations such as the Science Museum of Phaeno, Hygiene-Museum Dresden, Natlab Eindhoven, Creativity Unlimited in Gothenburg.


Lino Palena

Filmmaker, producer, guerrilla marketing and new media expert, passionate about the Orient, cinema and comics, Lino Palena graduated in Modern Literature with a thesis on women in Miyazaki Hayao’s work.
Hayao Miyazaki’s work and then took a Master’s degree at Naba in visual communication. He attended acting courses at EgumTeatro and then trained as an assistant director for Massimiliano Cividati’s Aia Taumastica, with whom he still collaborates. In 2008, with two friends, he founded the TILT collective, which revolutionized Milan’s nightlife scene with its ever-changing formats, also working as a VJ until its exit in 2010.
For years he has been a publicist for the magazine TuttoDigitale and director of commercial multimedia projects and underground projects that he likes best. In 2013 he founded YoungBateleur, his own independent production company. He is third dan in kendo and in all fields he tries to train spirit, mind and heart.


Calembour is a duo, formed by Laura Migliano and Giorgia Petri, working in the field of new media art and visual arts. The duo experiments with new ways of involvement in the field of interactive installation and audiovisual arts through the search for a meeting point between nature, the human being and the digital.
Last year they participated in the festival with the work Urus, premiered at the Franco Parenti in Milan: an interactive installation that through contact with water triggers an interaction between sound and video, acting on both simultaneously.

Caterina Gobbi – Youth Section

After a childhood spent in the mountains of Valle d’Aosta, Caterina Chiara Gobbi moved to Milan to study product design. During the course of her studies, her interests moved more towards a more experimental and philosophical world. As soon as she graduated, with a project recently included in the ADI permanent exhibition, she moved to London, where design has a more artistic and artisanal slant.

She decided to specialise in the world of scenography, a field in which material and conceptual experimentation is favoured. In England, he collaborated with major brands such as Burberry and Jaeger, and with numerous magazines such as Wallpaper*, AnOther Magazine, and Esquire. He currently lives between London and Milan, and works both in the field of set design and installations on personal and commissioned projects.


Video Sound Art Festival
IV edition
6-7-9-10-11 July 2014

Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia “Leonardo Da Vinci”, Milano

With the contribution of:
Comune di Milano
Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia “Leonardo Da Vinci”, Milano