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Robert Seidel

Robert Seidel began studying biology at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena and obtained a diploma in media design at the Bauhaus University (Weimar , Germany). His videos have been screened in contexts such as ZKM (Karlsruhe, Germany, ” Art_Clips .”), Wilhelm -Hack Museum ( Ludwigshafen , Germany, “Abstract Art Now – Floating Forms”) and the Royal Museum of Fine Arts (Antwerp , Belgium, “GORGE(L) – OPPRESSION and Relief in Art”), in over 250 festivals (Prix Ars Electronica, Onedotzero , DOTMOV , IFF Rotterdam , EMAF) and TV programs worldwide. His works have received numerous awards such as the Honorary Award of KunstFilmBiennale (Cologne, Germany) and the award for Best Experimental Film at International Animation Festival (Ottawa , Canada).

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Daniele Rossa

Daniel Rossa is an art director who lives between Berlin and Bremen. His art originates from the need to work for an interdisciplinary experimentation and is the result of a solid perspective on the aesthetic perception in the arts .
The establishment of links between the digital world and the reality is a recurring theme in his installations, which make virtual reality and actual reality coexist in a sensory and physical fusion.

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Alexander Chen

Conductor: from Alexander Chen on Vimeo.

Alexander Chen is currently living in Brooklyn, New York. Chen has done interactive work for the past 9 years with companies such as The Barbarian Group and Google Creative Lab. As a musician, Chen is a multi-instrumentalist who performs live on viola under musical monikers The Consulate General and Boy in Static. His first recordings were released in 2004 by Markus Acher (The Notwist). Chen created Sonata for the Unaware in 2002, a piece which generated music from video footage of Philadelphia subway commuters. In 2010, Chen launched, which turned the New York subway system into a string instrument



Zeitguised, Peripetics, 2009, PAL HD 720p, 25fps, 16:9, 3’ 20”

Since 2001, Zeitguised has been the strange, obscure twin of contemporary zeitgeist imagineering.
The work of Zeitguised has been featured in galleries, exhibitions, publications and screenings around the world. Awards include Best Music Video at Oberhausen SFF in 2005, Best Design at Resfest in 2005 and recently Best Experimental at Ottawa IAF, 2009.



Dvein is a studio specialized in Motion Graphics and art direction located in Barcelona. At the moment it is made up by just three people who have been working for clients such as Voll Damm, National Geographic, Diesel o Hewlett Packard; all this has been possible thanks to their great creativity, their incredible works and the great attention they dedicate to every single detail. This is a studio which has a lot to say experiments and has still a lot to express through its stunning works.


Misha Shyukin

Misha Shyukin is a young designer who recently graduated from the Aachen School of Course Design. He is currently working in London with the collective UnitedVisualArtists. His projects are based on a mix of 3D and 2D animation. Most of his works are inspired by music.



MvsM / Kanal 5 from ManvsMachine on Vimeo.

ManvsMachine is a design and motion graphics studio based in London.
ManvsMachine has won numerous awards in a short space of time thanks to its creative team, who specialise in the production and realisation of successful branding, advertising, animation, prints and films.


Universal Everything

Based in a log cabin studio in Sheffield, Matt Pyke is a painter, photographer, artist, curator, designer, animator, director, producer and lecturer. He formed Universal Everything in 2004 as an ever-growing collective of designers, programmers, musicians and artists.
Working with everything from pencils to generative design, Universal Everything is a diverse studio at the crossover between design and art. With commissions ranging from packaging to stadium events, for clients from Apple, CHANEL and Nokia to the London 2012 Olympics.
Motivated by the pursuit of the new, creative research and development are central, leading to self-initiated pieces and unique projects for brands and consumers as well as museums, private collectors and galleries.
His works have shown in galleries from the Victoria & Albert Museum – London, The Museum of Modern Art – New York to Colette – Paris.
Over the years, Matt has lectured to audiences worldwide including D&AD President’s Lecture Series, Cambridge University and Apple stores across the USA.
The Guardian newspaper listed the studio as one of the Top 50 designers in the UK. La Gaîté Lyrique is the first art venue in Europe to welcome an ambitious monography of his work.

Video Sound Art Festival
I edition
1, 2, 3 July 2011

Visconti Castle stables, yard, south – east facade

With the contribution of:
Fondazione Cariplo

With the patronage of:
Provincia di Milano
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