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Video Sound Art took part in Archivissima – Il festival degli archivi, the first Italian festival dedicated to the promotion and valorisation of historical archives, with two curatorial projects in collaboration with the Touring Club Italiano: a podcast that the anthropologist Tommaso Santagostino dedicated to the historical Touring magazines and, in the setting of the historical Piscina Cozzi in Milan, the work What do you sea? which was the winner of the Open Call 2020.
The projects were realised with the collaboration of the Italian Touring Club Archives and Milanosport.

Video Sound Art for Archivissima
4 – 9 giugno 2021

What do you sea?
Piscina Cozzi
Viale Tunisia, 35, Milano


What do you sea?
by Daniele Costa and CampoBase
The winner of the Open Call 2020 “L’immagine Aperta”

What do you sea? is a video-installation project realised by artist Daniele Costa and curatorial collective CampoBase.  
Starting with a study of the materials in the Italian Touring Club archive, the work puts images, videos and texts into dialogue, evoking and recalling the surrogates of the sea, suggested by the architecture of the Piscina Cozzi in Milan, the physical place from which the research begins. The alternative space to the sea is also explored at a sound level through the sound design intervention by Mauro Martinuz and Marco Furlanetto.
The project was the winner of the Open Call “L’immagine aperta” launched in 2020 by Video Sound Art, in collaboration with the Touring Archives.

The work was presented in the mosaic bathroom of the Cozzi Pool, a 1930s space normally inaccessible to the public that was reopened for the exhibition.

Accompanying the exhibition was the streaming of a talk in which Daniele Costa, the CampoBase collective and Davide Francalanci, Video Sound Art researcher, spoke about the work and the research path.



Ho viaggiato più sulle riviste del Touring che in giro per il mondo
by Tommaso Santagostino and Video Sound Art

After the cycle of podcasts produced in 2020 for Video Sound Art, anthropologist and geographer Tommaso Santagostino, in collaboration with archivist Luciana Senna and with the coordination of curator Laura Lamonea, has once again proposed a generational confrontation.

The new podcast, entitled Ho viaggiato più sulle riviste del Touring che in giro per il mondo (I have travelled more in Touring magazines than around the world), re-reads the articles in the historic Touring magazines with a contemporary eye, establishing a polyphonic and multimedia dialogue between different places and eras. Through the voices of readers of the time, Santagostino has evoked the travel experiences that emerged from the texts, images and cartographies.
A rich and dense narrative that springs from the great experience of those working in the archive, the memories of the readers and the reflections of the young high school students.


Touring Club Italiano
Archivissima –
il festival degli archivi