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Video Sound Art supports the creation of new artistic productions.
The team is composed of professionals who provide artists the support they need at every stage, from creation to the moment of exhibition: curators, researchers, directors, producers, technicians, press and communication officers, cultural mediators.

In recent years, the production centre has focused on the production of video works and complex installations, artistic expressions that mix installation, sculptural, sound and video elements.
Among the latest projects realised, Video Sound Art participated as executive producer of The firefly keeps falling and the snake keeps growing, Driant Zeneli’s latest film together with Fondazione In Between Art Film and Manifesta 14 Prishtina.

Film by Driant Zeneli

in collaboration with In Between Art Film

Complex installation

by Daniel De Paula

Site-specific installation

by Oli Bonzanigo

Driant Zeneli, The firefly keeps falling and the snake keeps growing, 4K, 2022. Commissionato da Manifesta Biennial. Prodotto da Fondazione In Between Art Film. Produzione esecutiva Video Sound Art.

Daniel de Paula, circulação, 2019, video -negoziazione. Installation view, Video Sound Art XII edizione, Teatro Carcano, Milano, 2022.

Oli Bonzanigo, o·rien·ta·mén·to. Installazione complessa, scultura in ferro con seduta originale Olivetti (h 4.85m), composizione sonora, durata 240’. Installation view, Video Sound Art Collateral Event Manifesta 12 Palermo. Liceo Umberto I, Palermo, 2018.