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The project EDUCATION MEETS OUR CITY’S HERITAGE was created with the aim of combining the rediscovery of places belonging to the cultural heritage with artistic and cultural insights.

Casa Museo Boschi di Stefano

Museo Studio Francesco Messina

Video Sound Art has selected five young aspiring curators to take part in a class led by Rischa Paterlini, curator of the Giuseppe Iannaccone Collection. The Giuseppe Iannaccone Collection has a very special genesis and growth. The corpus of works assembled since the late 1980s is strongly modelled on the spirit of the collector who searched in paintings, sculptures, drawings, photography and video for strong, almost shouted, true feelings of humanity.
Thus, the search led him to discover the interwar art of Corrente, the Roman School and the Six of Turin, and a whole series of painters who were strongly attuned to feelings, to emotions that they transformed into art. In these works, colour speaks, expresses itself, and the subjects chime with everyday reality.
With the same attitude, Giuseppe Iannaccone approached contemporary art, enriching his collection with works by the most promising international artists, from Luigi Ontani to Micheal Borremans, from Andrea Bowers to Nicole Eisenman, from Shirin Neshat to Pietro Roccasalva, from Nan Goldin to Lisetta Carmi, from Zoe Leonard to Lynette-Yadom Boakye, from Allison Katz to Imran Qureshi, from Marinella Senatore to Adrian Paci up to the younger Toyin Ojih Odutola, Katia Seib, extending their research also to video-art by acquiring works by Nathalie Djurberg, Adrian Paci and Regina Jose Galindo.

During 4 days, the class deepened with an experienced professional in the field an up-to-date framework for the care of an art collection and its valorisation. In particular, the techniques of organising and promoting an artistic/cultural event through the practical organisation and management of an exhibition in an unconventional location were analysed. The aim of the meetings is to imagine a dialogue between works, space and new works (works by contemporary artists) in the Messina Museum.