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Applications to enrol for the following categories: video-art, motion graphics and 3D animation.

The key phrase of the competition was “the shape of the city”: with reference to Pier Paolo Pasolini and Paolo Brunatto’s 1974 short film.

“I have chosen the shape of a city, the profile of a city as theme (…) I have chosen a shot that previously only showed the city in its styilistic perfection (…) so many times I found it hard to shoot a scene in which you could see a city in its completeness and entirety” Pier Paolo Pasolini La forma della città, RAI STORIA, febbraio 1974

The works capable of interpreting the theme originally and innovately have been selected by a special committee.
They were then presented during the days of the festival dedicated to music audio-visual contamination and new technologies.


Concept and music by Alessio Ballerini
video by Marco Molinelli