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The life of things 
and  the invisible qualities of objects

22 – 28 September 2022,
from h 19:00 to h 24:00

Saturday 24 from h 22 to h 1


After the Museo Civico di Storia Naturale and the Planetario Hoepli, Video Sound Art, a contemporary art festival since 2011, presents its twelfth edition with a programme of installations, videos, performance interventions and a screening programme at the Teatro Carcano.

The exhibition path unfolds through the spaces of the of the historic theatre which, from the basement to the gallery, showcases the voices of the contemporary, ranging from video to publishing installations. 

The theme investigates the life of things. How do objects speak? How do they function outside their context?

Starting with the reflections of the artists in the exhibition and in collaboration with the Dutch publishing project MacGuffin, the festival focuses on the unexplored possibilities that each object embodies in relation to history, identity and social relations, attempting to unveil political and social conditioning – the invisible qualities of matter.

Exhibition path

The Festival is proud to present the works of:

Public program

The exhibition will be enriched by performative interventions and a video dance screening programme with a selection of national and international titles aimed at awakening the expression of physical language in relation to the things that surround us.

Screening program

Loop projections from h 19 to h 24*
* The first screening (7 p.m.) of the video Feeling Thing by Candoco Dance Company and Jo Bannon will be open to the hearing-impaired, and will feature subtitles explaining the sounds within the work.

22, 23 and 28 september
Feeling Thing by Candoco Dance Company and Jo Bannon*
* 23 and 28 september, h 19: special projection for hearing-impaired.
Guarda il trailer del video >

22, 24 and 27 september
Pallae: Womanhood Story ,by Park Sohyun
Guarda il trailer del video >

22, 25 and 26 september
Fresh oranges into the ocean, by Silvia Giordano
Guarda il trailer del video >


22 september, h 20
Taiko performance by Kotoji ensemble

23 september, h 19.30 and 24 september, h 22
Drilling Down by Antonio Perticara, the winner of the Open Call

25 september, h 20 and h 21.30
How can you float without sinking? by Silvia Giordano


Mika Rottenberg, Cosmic Generator, 2017, single-channel video installation, sound, color; 26’36”, dimensions variable © Mika Rottenberg, Courtesy the artist and Hauser & Wirth, commissioned by Skulptur Projekte Münster
Daniel de Paula, circulação, 2019, video-negotiation, open-ended duration, in continuous process of sedimentation of footage, Ph. Everton Ballardin
Letizia Cariello (LETIA), L’ombra mia mi ha fatto paura, 2001-2022
Image from The Chain issue #11, Ph. Mathijs Labadie
Caterina Morigi, Making Special, soli, 2022, Marble, Azul Bahia, engraving, 43 x 50 x 2 cm. Ph. Lorenzo Mariotti.
Produced in collaboration with and Masutti marbles.
Park Sohyun, Pallae Womanhood Story, 2021, 25′
Candoco Dance Company and Jo Bannon, Feeling Thing, 2022, 23′
Silvia Giordano, Fresh oranges into the Ocean, 2021, 12


XII edition
The life of things
and the invisible qualities of objects

22 – 28 September 2022

Opening times:
from h 19:00 to h 24:00*
*Saturday 24 September from
h 22:00 to h 1:00.

Thursday 22 September, h 19:00

Teatro Carcano
Corso di Porta Romana, 63,
MM3 Crocetta, Milan

With the contribution of:
Fondazione Cariplo
Mondriaan Fund
Netherlands embassy

With the patronage of:
Comune di Milano – Milano è Viva
Consulate General of Japan in Milan

Open Call in collaboration with:
Associazione Amici di Duccio

Curated by Video Sound Art
Artistic direction and curator
Laura Lamonea 

Open Call Coordinator 
Francesca Colasante 

Screening Program Coordinator 
Bianca Ambrosio

Lino Palena e Anita Wilczega

Communication consultant
Valentina Letizia

Visual identity
Ilaria Roglieri 

Press Office
Francesca Mainardi

Press Kit