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Workshop Processing

The Art of code
Generative nature with processing

led by Matteo Riva
May 2019

The aim of the workshop is to achieve a good knowledge of Processing through the practical application of algorithmic structures for generative graphics, particularly in the simulation of interactive, data-driven and stochastic natural environments.  Tools and skills for the realisation of generative graphics are provided and techniques for interaction with the physical world and the acquisition of remote data in real time are presented, leading to the collaborative realisation of an interactive sensory installation.

Course programme and breakdown of topics covered:

PART 1) Generative Art with Processing

  • Processing: language, IDE and structure of a sketch
  • Drawing with Processing: shapes, colours, text
  • Programming: Iterative and conditional structures, functions, data types, vectors and ArrayList
  • Random generation and noise patterns
  • Recursive drawing: fractals

PART 2) Creative coding: 2D and 3D trees

  • Recursive design: Cantor algorithm, Koch curve
  • Lindenmayer system (L-system)
  • Recursive algorithms for simulating natural systems
  • Deterministic and stochastic generation
  • Introduction to 3D rendering with Processing

PART 3) Interaction design

  • Summary through analysis of “breeze” by Felix Faire (2013)
  • Interaction with NUI: physical sensory environment
  • Interaction with the web: queries and data-visualisation
  • Practical realisation: generative virtual ecosystem with collaborative interaction and physical interface

Reference text:

The algorithmic beauty of the plants – P.Prusinkiewicz, A.Lindenmayer (1990)[]

Programming environment: Processing

Prerequisites: none. General knowledge of programming logic in any language may be helpful.

Materials required: each participant must have their own laptop* with the latest version of Processing installed.
*with any operating system and the possibility of networking via wifi.

The Art of code
Generative nature with processing

Workshop Processing
May 2019

led by Matteo Riva