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Winter/Summer Temporary Academy

In its four years of activity, Video Sound Art has been created a network of around 140 artists . They are part of laboratories that actively works on new productions.

Temporary Academy is a training program that arise from a co-operation with the most innovative international artists: motion graphers, interactive designers, illustrators, photographers, videomakers, choreographers, directors, animators, programmers.

  1. Temporary Academy operates thanks to the support of atelier and specialized institutes
  2. The location for the artistic productions are selected according to the specific topic of the laboratories
  3. Temporary Academy is born to select, prepare and guide the best italian young talents.

Winter Academy

December 2013

– Live sound recording workshop.

January 2014

– Photography workshop. The camera obscura: from the use of instantaneous gelatine plates to the analog printing (from digital file).

February 2014

– Video mapping workshop. Creative studio applied to scenic design and art installation.

April 2014

– Sculpting 3D workshop using Z-Brush software.

May 2014

– Interactive projection workshop using kinect

Summer Academy…..coming soon….