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Dystopia – Otolab

Luca Pertegato (a.k.a Xo00) Lumanoise and Lights
Massimiliano Gusmini (a.k.a. Mud) Laptop
Video Luca Pertegato, Silvio Mancini
Total time around 40”
Concept & Production otolab, 2014

Dystopia in an audiovisual project which guides us through obscure and hypnotic landscapes.
The dub/techno rhythmical weaving of Massimiliano Gusmini (Mud) unfolds in an ambient/noise atmosphere, generated through self-built instruments (Lumanoise) and combined with cracking e fluorecent lights by Luca Pertegato (Xo00).
The visual project explores natural and urban astral territories in a constant mutation towards some kind of organic matter and constantly enveloped in a mesmeric “orbitating nebula”.

Punti Linee Superfici – Micron

Coreography and dancerSerena Zanconato
VisualRajan Craveri
PropsMiriam Del Seppia
Original soundtracksOzmotic
CostumeOsvaldo Montalbano
OrganizationIzabela Smela

Sonar – Briganti

Sound DesignEmre Baloglu
ProductionVideo Sound Art

Video mapping on the Transatlantic facade.

Sonar – an instrument used to scan the seabed and the course horizon on the underwater map – will determine the ship’s transformations through three distinct phases of geographical, scientific and historical inspiration.

Mare Senza – Giacobbe

IllustrationBeppe Giacobbe
MusicFrancesco Di Loreto
VideomappingNobu Lab
ProductionVideo Sound Art

Video mapping on the Transatlantic facade.

Video Sound Art Festival
V edition
6-7-9-10-11 July 2015

Museo della Scienza e della Tecnologia “Leonardo Da Vinci”, Milan

With the contribution of:
Comune di Milano
Regione Lombardia