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In the year 2018 the open call will be carried out in collaboration with the institute Giovanni Caselli, headquarters of the first Real Porcelain Factory of Capodimonte (Naples) and the Museum.
The choice to locate the Institute in the ancient building of the Factory represents symbolically the intention to draw a line of continuity with the historical past. Following the same principle, the artistic residence intends to cross the ancient craft tradition with the aim of putting into dialogue the ceramic manufacture of Capodimonte with new artistic work.

Participants are invited, with the support of the artisans, to experiment with cooking, patinas and decorations, with the aim of encouraging the creation of an aesthetic and historical dialogue between the new productions and the manufactures that have followed each other over the decades, Video Sound Art is creating an interactive graphic aimed at the diffusion of some works in the Museum of Capodimonte.

The Giovanni Caselli Institute
Inside the Real Bosco di Capodimonte, in the 18th century the Istituto housed the Real Porcelain Factory, one of the Royal Manufactures founded by Charles III of Bourbon.
Since the 60s this prestigious building is home to the Istituto Giovanni Caselli which contributes to the diffusion of the ceramics culture through the workshop and the unique processing departments in Campania and in the world for their workers and their manual artistic historicity. The fundamental mission of the G. Caselli Institute is to create technicians and designers who are particularly expert, albeit with different skills, in the different sectors and sectors of the ceramic world.