Public program

“The music program of the IX edition of the festival focuses on appropriation practices, through a series of live performances and listening sessions.” Curated by Davide Francalanci.

Chen Wei, Stairs, 2015

Caterina Gobbi. LIPS (Lost in Plain Sight) | Sound Activation
7 pm
The re-discussion of the human being/nature boundary, through the relations between non-human beings and social structures, is the starting point of Caterina Gobbi’s sound performance and research. A stratification of field recordings, theoretical references, samples and new harmonies, accompanying the public in a non-linear narrative, between “natural / non-natural”, “alive / not alive”, “human / non-human”.

Bob Corsi. Song of the Unplayed | Vinyl Dj Set
7.30 pm

Bob Corsi
On the 25th of October 2019 thousands of protesters got in the streets of Santiago to demand for change, singing the tune El derecho de vivir en paz by Victor Jara, an artist and political activist tortured and killed by the soldiers of Augusto Pinochet. From here begins the sound journey of Bob Corsi, through the roads of protest and dissent: Honduras, Venezuela, Chile, Haiti, Algeria, Hong Kong, Egypt, Somalia, Brazil, Iran, Turkey, Morocco. In every culture, epoch or movement, the strength of the voice preceded and encouraged the long marches of the pueblo unido. African rhythms and Latin American, funk carioca, oriental melodies, Jamaican dub, Brazilian samba, Ethiopian jazz.

DJ, music archaeologist and collector, A6R for Goodfellas Distribution and Penny Records, music consultant for cinema and TV, but above all a party shaker and household name in the dance floors of the City of Rome. Resident in events such as Magnetica, Go Bang, Tropical Maracana and Rootsvibes (just to name a few), Bob Corsi’s dj sets, strictly on vinyl, are a flow of sounds ranging from soul, rhythm & blues, soundtracks, exotica, rhythms latin soul, calypso, cumbia, funk, rocksteady, dub, afro beat, cosmic disco, jazz, psichedelia and sample relics.


Radio Raheem Sound System| Dj set
9 pm

Radio Raheem
Radio Raheem, it’s a physical space in a symbolic place of the city of Milan, a reference point, an independent web radio, a container and creator of culture. Raheem platform considers quality, credibility and variety of content its main strengths. Since its foundation in 2017, Radio Raheem engages its community on a daily basis through a physical and digital ecosystem, articulated between Via Corsico 3, the platform and social media channels.

HLMNS RA | Live set
10:30 pm
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Beatmaker, dinosaur hunter and weeds collector. Put some powder in a large bowl, add a bit of Duke Ellington and turn on the SP404. Raimondo “HLMNSRA” is an Italian beatmaker/producer based in London. From the solar vibrations of Agrigento to the darkness of the city of London, Ra has animated the web all over the world, quickly gaining esteem and notoriety that earned him a place in the playlist of the world’s best blogs. Beats, reflips, bootlegs, following the philosophy of rough drafts, a vintage hip-hop taste mixed with a profound passion for technology and software, glitches, Sonic the Hedgehog soundtracks and funky pauses, melodies as feelings, storytelling a 8 bit and non-categorized love.


➤  SUNDAY LIVE SESSION | Hip hop & Urban music contest
6:30 pm
On the last day of the Festival, VSA proposes a contest for the young musicians of Liceo Volta, who will perform and present their project in a three-hour afternoon session.

➤  Palazzi D’Oriente | Video and sound performance
8:00 pm
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Luca is Palazzi D’Oriente producer, composer and DJ among the founding members of 72-HOUR POST FIGHT and 2004 Sgrang.
The sound of his productions, disconnected from genre classifications, refers to a personal search in downtempo drawing from dubstep and post-rock culture.
He was born near the Lake Maggiore and grew up in the province of Varese, where he met Alessandro Vanetti (Massimo Pericolo) and most of the members of 2004 Sgrang. Among these Carlo Luciano Porrini (Fight Pausa), who introduces him to the music scene. After working on various productions, he published the first ep as Palazzi D’Oriente at the beginning of 2018: “morgengabe”. The album is distributed as a self-release in the form of a vacuum pack containing a USB key, a photographic print in a single copy and serigraphic posters; they follow a cycle of audio / video performances and the publication in digital format with La Tempesta.
In 2018 he started together with Fight Pausa and the two musicians Andrea Dissimile and Adalberto Valsecchi “72-HOUR POST FIGHT” (La Tempesta), a collaborative project with fluid sounds, in which electronics, jazz, sharp guitars and hip-hop drums break merge together.
In 2019 his first collaboration with Massimo Pericolo, Sabbie d’oro, was republished.

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