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XII edition
The life of things 
and  the invisible qualities of objects 

The exhibition was enriched by performative interventions and a video dance screening programme with a selection of national and international titles aimed at awakening the expression of physical language in relation to the things that surround us.

We are used to surrounding ourselves with objects, inanimate bodies that live around us, participating in our actions and motionless in becoming. What do objects tell us? How do they permeate our bodies? Dance, on and off screen, invites us to awaken our perception of the extensions of the body, of the relationships between more or less animate subjects, and of the mutations of space and time.
The Public Programme of the twelfth edition of Video Sound Art revolves around Videodance with a proposal never seen before in Italy, where the language that unites movement and the camera still remains largely unexplored.
Bianca Ambrosio, screening program coordinator

Candoco Dance Company e Jo Bannon
Feeling Thing

In Feeling Thing by London-based Candoco Dance Company and artist Jo Bannon, three performers establish an intimate dialogue with an object: a ladder, a fan, a hoover. The accompaniment is provided by ASMR – Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response – that is the sensation of relaxing tingling in the back of the head when actions such as whispering, hair brushing, scratching and hitting are heard or experienced. The viewer is thus invited to immerse themselves in a sensory, illogical and disturbing space in which all things are alive.

Trailer >

Candoco Dance Company e Jo Bannon, Feeling Thing, 2022, 23′, installation view. Ph. Annalisa Lei

Silvia Giordano
Fresh oranges into the Ocean

Three oranges trace the delicate passage of three young women into adulthood through a metaphorical narration of their present condition and their projections into the future. In an intimate feminine journey between high and low tides, turbulence and contradictions, calm and turmoil, Fresh oranges into the ocean invites a poetic reflection on today’s existential themes in relation to nature.

Trailer >

Silvia Giordano, Fresh oranges into the ocean, 2021, video, 21′. Installation view. Ph. Francesca Ferrari

Park So-Hyun
Pallae: Womanhood Story

With Pallae: Womanhood Story by Korean director Park So-Hyun, an activity as simple as laundry becomes a performative and narrative action set in a remote structure where bodies emerge in all their strength. The film takes its inspiration from Nam Jeongho’s contemporary dance performance Pallae, first presented in 1993. 

Trailer >

Park Sohyun, Pallae Womanhood Story, 2021, 25′, installation view. Ph. Francesca Ferrari

Ensemble Kotoji
Performance di taiko

During the opening day, Video Sound Art hosted a taiko performance by the Kotoji ensemble. The protagonists of the musical intervention are the traditional Japanese drums that, throughout history, have conveyed multiple meanings. From being an instrument of communication, to serving as an incitement in battle, their use during ceremonies of various kinds – religious, earth fertility rites, social festivals – makes them objects of strong symbolic power.

Ensemble Kotoji, taiko performance. Ph. Alessandro Baldeschi

Silvia Giordano
How can you float without sinking?

How can you float without sinking? is a site-specific performance, a score for three female bodies, which established a dialogue with the video work Con te by Letizia Cariello (LETIA).

In this case, I worked on the immersion of the bodies in dialogue with Letizia Cariello (LETIA)‘s installation work, inviting the dancers to establish a connection with specific sections of the unfolding landscape, a process that starts from the emotional experience to connect perception and individual weaving.
Silvia Giordano

Silvia Giordano, How can you float without sinking?, site-specific performance, 2022. Ph. Francesca Ferrari

Antonio Perticara, winner of the Open Call
Drilling Down

Starting from the observation of a familiar tool such as the drill, the Drilling down lecture-performance focuses on its application outside the ordinary context.
The artist proposes a reinterpretation of the ancient surgical practice of drilling, which is still half-known and characterised by a perturbing underlying ambiguity.
Devoted to the conspiracy studies and conspiracy fantasies that have interested the debate in recent decades, the project connects a multitude of case studies: from the Neolithic age to 90’s electronic music, passing through the self-styled medieval practices of curing madness, up to today’s requests for drilling in online forums, cartoons, brainbloodvolume theory and much more.

Antonio Perticara, Drilling Down, lecture-performance, 2022. Ph. Cesar Marenghi

XII edition
The life of things
and  the invisible qualities of objects

22 – 28 September 2022

Opening times:
from h 19:00 to h 24:00*
*Saturday 24 September from
h 22:00 to h 1:00.

Thursday 22 September, h 19:00

Teatro Carcano
Corso di Porta Romana, 63,
MM3 Crocetta, Milan

With the contribution of:
Fondazione Cariplo
Chiesa Valdese
Mondriaan Fund
Netherlands embassy

With the patronage of:
Comune di Milano – Milano è Viva
Consulate General of Japan in Milan

Open Call in collaboration with:
Associazione Amici di Duccio

Curated by Video Sound Art
Artistic direction and curator
Laura Lamonea 

Open Call Coordinator 
Francesca Colasante 

Screening Program Coordinator 
Bianca Ambrosio

Thomas Ba
Gaia Lazzerini
Agnese dell’Omo
Ileana Rutigliano

Lino Palena
Anita Wilczega
Carlo di Florio

Visual identity
Ilaria Roglieri 

Press office and communication
Francesca Mainardi
Sofia Gemelli

Communication consultant
Valentina Letizia

Technical department
Dario Leone
Cesare Rossi

Giovanni Licari

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