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Introduction – Tommaso Santagostino

“In the realisation of the Video Sound Art Festival an important part is played by mediation, that is, by that relationship that is triggered when during an exhibition the spectator enters into dialogue with the work he or she is observing through a third element, a mediator or a mediatrix. It is precisely this role that the seven students of the Liceo Classico Carducci in Milan, whom we are about to listen to in this podcast, were called upon to play. They grappled with the weaving of the relationship between spectators and works, building bridges and making connections emerge from the works and poetics of Giulio Frigo, the artist to whom the second part of the 2020 edition of the Festival was dedicated. This mediation, however, had to be transformed because it could not take place as planned in the evocative setting of the Piscina Cozzi in Milan. For this we must deeply thank these young mediators: for having accepted the invitation to manage this transformation and for having tried their hand for the first time with the audio medium and with the production of a podcast. In order of listening, here are their names: Sofia Vicentini, Giorgia Spina, Sasha Basta, Sara Surace, Sofia Trabucco, Sara Mazzarisi and Maddalena Ciampoli. Their voices have created a rich and dense narrative that stems from the insights they have gained, the sharing they have had and the special working conditions in which they have operated. Let’s get started and have a good listen!”

Reale e virtuale. Confronto Nei Tempi Della Pandemia – Sofia Vicentini

Essere, Voler Essere, Apparire – Giorgia Spina

Fides Oculata – Sasha Basta

Tra Incertezza E Stupore. Il Mio Viaggio Con VSA – Sara Surace

Acque Nuove – Sofia Trabucco

Mater Una Dea Primitiva – Sara Mazzarisi

Alla Ricerca dell’Impercettibile – Maddalena Ciampoli

X edition
The Reflecting Pool
16 September – 1 October Romano swimming pool
16 October – 16 November Cozzi swimming pool

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