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Oli Bonzanigo, Unisono, complex installation, 2022. Installation view, Video Sound Art XII edition, Teatro Carcano, Milan, 2022. Ph. Yesuqi Lin

Oli Bonzanigo’s artistic practice covers a wide range of languages, including sculpture, drawing, installation and audio, focusing on the living as a zone of contamination, mimesis and exchange in constant movement.

The artist Oli Bonzanigo presents a new installation that mixes a unison of voices with a single emitting body and a helium balloon, which is blocked in its movement to generate a moment of contemplation. Starting from Naum Gabo’s concept of “stereometric transparency”, the artist has initiated an investigation into the transformation of solids into light forms.
The sound work is the focus of the installation: it is an archive containing recordings made by the artist since 2008 across different continents. Barroom chats, people at parties, gatherings in the square, demonstrations, thunderstorms on boats, prayers, backyard voices, children’s screams, encounters in the desert, streets and squares full of life. Voices in the courtyard, outside the theatre, almost in the street. We can see the counterweight of gravity, the lightness of air.

This is the fourth experiment of this kind with Video Sound Art. For this edition, I am working on a solid that concentrates the flow of several collective voices into a single broadcasting body. In an instant, our chorus takes shape.

Oli Bonzanigo

Born in 1989 in Milan. After graduating in Fine Arts from the Byam Shaw School of Art in London, she returned to Italy in 2012 where she began working at Fonderia Artistica Battaglia, a historic lost-wax foundry in Milan. Among other solo and group exhibitions, in 2014 and 2016 she participated in the Marrakesh Biennale and began to collaborate with various research projects, activism and production collectives, museums, galleries and cultural spaces in the North African territory at first and then internationally.
In 2018 she moved her studio to Palermo where the following year she participated for the first time in Video Sound Art Festival for Manifesta12. She then exhibited during the festival also in the 2018, 2019 and 2022 Milan editions.
In 2021, she was selected for the Mibact and Maeci’s call Cantica21 with a project dedicated to the study of ancient divinatory organs to be acquired by the Madre Donnaregina Museum in Naples.
With a two-year Lusitanian passage, in 2022 she will take the studio back to Milan where she now lives and works.

Website of the artist

XII edition
The life of things
and  the invisible qualities of objects

22 – 28 September 2022

Teatro Carcano
Corso di Porta Romana, 63,
MM3 Crocetta, Milan