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Lower Dens


After their debut in 2010 with Twin-Hand Movement, which received the unanimous consent of critics, Lower Dens come to Video Sound Art to present their new album, their second one which is due to be released on April 30 for Ribbon Music (a division of Domino). Titled Nootropics, this work opens a new chapter in the artistic career of the band formed in 2009 by the creative will of Texan Jana Hunter, Devendra Banhart collaborator already.

Centered on the singer Jana and created by Tristan Patterson, the song Brains, the only single to be released ahead of the album, reveals the central themes of Nootropics: a sort of monumental minimalism, in which the sounds that might seem barely perceptible at a first listen turn out to be central and fundamental for the album’s architecture.

Lower Dens today are Jana, Geoff Graham, Will Adams, Nate Nelson and Carter Tanton.
Nootropics was recorded at Key Club Recording in Benton Harbor in Michigan, with the help of producer Drew Brown, a former collaborator of Radiohead, Beck and Blonde Redhead, and was then concluded in Baltimore.