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La mappa del Bleriot – Angheleddu


La mappa del Bleriot

Artistic direction Davide Angheleddu
Supervision Gabriele Guidi
Production Video Sound Art

Davide Angheleddu presents a work inspired by his doctoral research at the Politecnico of Milan.
This research, with the supervision of Professor Guidi, develops techniques for the optimization of three-dimensional models to be seen on a large scale. In particular, the models derived from acquisition through laser scanner and digital photogrammetry, commonly used in the field of cultural heritage, general very complex models that are difficult to be displayed by the normal applications
on the commonest devices of the general public (tables, smartphones, low-end PC). Angheleddu applies a process of simplifying the geometry which exploits the possibility of transferring the geometric information from the 3D model to opportune two-dimensional maps.
In particular, the work proposed used panoramic images to build up an immersive virtual context which allows having a total vision of the environment surrounding the observer. Angheleddu chooses as his theme the famous Blériot plane, the first aircraft to successfully fly across the English Channel in 1909. The virtual tour lets visitors explore the plane from several points of view linked to the relative sensitive points, such as being in the cockpit of the Blériot plane or having a different perspective that highlights interesting construction details.