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How to participate

Public Projects into the woods

The call is to carry out a stable intervention, which could remain in the forest forever. The works produced can be sculptural elements and be part of complex installations. The new work can be part of an existing installation, in this case, it is the complex consisting of the entire forest of Capodimonte.
The installations represent a hybridization of traditional sculpture with other arts such as architecture, theater, performance and cinema. The term complex refers to the dialectical relationship with space because they can change with each set-up.
Barbara Ferriani, Monumenti Effimeri. Storia e conservazione delle installazioni, 2009, Electa Milano.

Period of residency and contribution

22-30 October, 2018

The prize includes coverage of travel and accommodation expenses, production and the setting-up of the work, and participation in the exhibition that will be held at the eighth edition of the festival in Milan.

Candidates must submit:
• concept
• the technical file containing an image (drawing or rendering) of the work to be carried out. In the case of an installation or a complex installation two files (S1 and S2) must be presented. File 1 will be inherent to the ceramic components, File 2 to the installation in its entirety.

File 1 must contain the dimensions.
For porcelain works, the maximum useful dimensions of the oven are: height 40 cm, depth 35 cm, width 30 cm.
For the terracotta / earthenware works: height 80 cm, depth 75 cm, width 50 cm.

IMPORTANT: the delivery of the model must be made by the participants.

In the case of objects to be made in porcelain it is important to take into account the shrinkage during cooking, due to the partial vitrification of the material, therefore the model must be increased in size by 13% – 15% to respect the real measurements of the baked material.

All files, sent to the mail, must not exceed 5 MB.