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Video Sound Art launches a podcast to offer a new insight into the often hidden relationships between contemporary art and our society

How is artists’ research reconciled with the market? What relationships exist between the most popular themes and artistic creation? How important is the role of art today? 
Fino a prova contraria will guide the listener to explore the world of artistic practices of our time through the voices of Laura Lamonea, artist director and curator of Video Sound Art, and Tommaso Santagostino, an anthropologist who has been collaborating with the festival for years. The music and audio production are by Vincenzo Risi
From oil extraction to astrophysics, from natural history to architecture, the podcast will host contributions from experts in the field and protagonists who have taken part in the festival over the last 12 years, in an open and critical research on the role of art today.

Through the podcast we will try to discover how artists talk about the world around us and how their research interacts with the different areas of production that animate contemporaneity.
Laura Lamonea

We have chosen to adopt a method of approach typical of anthropological research whose specificities today can make an important contribution to recomposing the existing fractures in our world between science, art, experience and imagination. Using anthropology to discover the world means first of all getting to know new and different ways of living starting from the encounter and confrontation with the people one meets on the path of research.
Tommaso Santagostino

Video Sound Art

written and conducted by:
Laura Lamonea and Tommaso Santagostino

music and audio production
Vincenzo Risi

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Fino a prova contraria

The new podcast by Video Sound Art

First season

Fino a prova contraria

The new podcast by Video Sound Art

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