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During 2021, Video Sound Art involved the fourth-year students of the architecture course of the Liceo Artistico Boccioni and the fifth-year students of the Liceo Volta in Milan in the realisation of two exhibition projects: Rythmòs and Gestus.


The PCTO project carried out as part of the 11th edition of the Video Sound Art festival involved the students of the Liceo Artistico Boccioni in Milan.
This programme, through the realisation of multiple activities, led the students in a process of approaching the world of contemporary art. All activities were carried out in synergy with the Video Sound Art team, educators and the artists hosted by the Festival.
During the meetings, divided into in-presence and online activities, Video Sound Art’s education department used virtual co-design tools such as whiteboards and maps. After a few preparatory meetings, the students chose which activities to participate in from among those proposed: performance, mediation, podcast.

On the occasion of the 11th edition of the Festival, held from 18 to 25 September at the Museo Civico di Storia Naturale and the Planetarium Ulrico Hoepli in Milan, artist Cecilia Mentasti presented the performance Safari (not the exception but the rule), the result of a collaboration between the Video Sound Art team and students. During the performance, visitors were guided to discover the complexity behind the museum world.

Cultural mediation
During the preparation of the mediation activities, linguistic and bodily registers were learnt to lead and guide visitors through the exhibition. The mediation activities took place regularly during all days of the exhibition and customised routes were also created for different audiences.

The programme aims to make students an active part of the process by developing their ability to design and create content from personal rework. The podcast is one of the products the students created from the research topics of the 11th edition.
The conception and production of the choral podcast involved the Video Sound Art team and Tommaso Santagostino, an anthropologist who, since 2019, has been experimenting with forms of audio storytelling, micro-explorations of the everyday and transdisciplinary encounters.

Cecilia Mentasti, Safari (not the exception but the rule), 2021. Ph. Francesca Ferrari © Video Sound Art


Cultural mediation

On the occasion of the Gestus exhibition project, conceived by Video Sound Art for the Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi in Venice, the students of the Liceo Artistico Boccioni and the Liceo Scientifico Volta were involved in the realisation of cultural mediation activities at the venue. The aim of the activity was to promote a path of contamination, aimed at bringing the students closer to the world of contemporary art, its themes and professional figures.

During the construction of the cultural mediations, a new format was introduced focusing on the spectator’s bodily experience and perception in relation to the exhibition space and route. Based on some exercises experienced first-hand by the mediators, the visit thus conceived allowed for greater involvement and understanding of the works and the exhibition theme.

Luca Trevisani, Daniel Day Lewis, 2021, Courtesy of the artist, Galerie Mehdi Chouakri, Berlin and Pinksummer contemporary art, Genoa. Installation view, Gestus I atto: Rifare il corpo, at Teatrino of Palazzo Grassi, 2021. Ph. Matteo De Fina © Palazzo Grassi
Gestus I atto: Rifare il corpo, at Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi, 2021. Ph. Matteo De Fina © Palazzo Grassi

Design workshop

The complex architecture of Palazzo Grassi’s Teatrino, designed by Tadao Ando, was an element of study for the students of the Liceo Artistico Boccioni’s architecture course. The activity involved an analysis of the spaces starting from the plan, defining the exhibition areas, the flows and then experimenting with the prototyping of the exhibition route. The final objective is the creation of a model that is not intended to simply represent the building to scale, but to bring the students closer to the dynamics of the exhibition, putting the works in relation to the architecture.

Co-design project 2021

In collaboration with
Liceo Boccioni
Liceo Volta

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