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The 9th edition of the Video Sound Art Festival chose the Liceo Scientifico Volta in Milan as the exhibition venue, with which initiated also an educational project.
Throughout the programme, the students were in close contact with the artists, curators and the entire Video Sound Art team. After a number of preparatory meetings, the students chose autonomously from the proposed paths, identified among the main professional fields involved in the festival: cultural mediation, communication/storytelling, and video/photography.

Co-design project 2019

In collaboration with:
Liceo Volta

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Credits Tea Mikic

Cultural mediation

Video Sound Art curatorial team led the students through a journey to learn about linguistic and bodily registers to guide the visitor through the exhibition. During the periodic meetings, the group had the opportunity to experience a rhythmic narrative, spanning different subject areas and stimulating reflections from the viewers.

Milan Municipal Councillor for Culture Filippo del Corno accompanied by students during the visit to the exhibition

Video and Photography

During this activity, the students were guided by professional videomakers and photographers from the Video Sound Art team to get to know the tools and registers of expression, in order to develop a video and photographic reportage of the exhibition. According to their interests and inclinations, the students realised individual projects focusing on different aspects of the artistic programme.

Credits Tea Mikic
Credits Tea Mikic

Communication /Storytelling: Rimasti al Volta

During the project the students developed knowledge of the tools, linguistic and expressive registers aimed at developing a communication project for the exhibition through different media channels. As part of this activity, the students produced different works: short texts that were posted in the school’s spaces; two editorial pages in the Liceo’s newspaper, the Giornalotto, with articles and interviews with the artists; an Instagram account, self-managed in collaboration with the students of the video and photography group.

Elaboration of short texts on the theme of the festival posted in the school premises. Il Resto, 2019
Liceo Volta, Milan
Excerpt from the first article published in the school newspaper Il Giornalotto. Il Resto, 2019
Liceo Volta, Milan